‘Lycanthropic Tendencies’

This EP was released earlier this year in February and considering it is WOLFF’s debut recording, it is certainly one to take stock of, as this up and coming Telford band are laden with talent. Comprising of Rob Byles – Vocals, Dan Rudd – Guitar / Vocals, Nick Cook – Guitar / Vocals, Dan Byles – Bass / Vocals and Adam Sylvester – Drums / Vocals, WOLFF are definitely a band worth making the musical acquaintance of.

WOLFF - Lycanthropic Tendencies

‘Lycanthropic Tendencies’ was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Ryan Pinson at RML, who is to be congratulated on doing such a great job with it, as the quality really does stand out.

As far as opening tracks go, ‘More Than A Man’ is a big hitter, being a hearty five minutes in length. The song itself paves the way as a great introduction to the band as it spans the divide across melodic metalcore metal and punk, with great guitar riffs that are built to rage in partnership with the biting vocals of Rob Byles.

The second song on the EP is the title track ‘Lycanthropic Tendencies’ and this is definitely a fitting song title for a band called WOLLF! Stand out features of this song for me were the rich rolling bass lines and also the lyrics, which tell the formidable tale of a transformation beyond man’s control.

The halfway point on the EP is marked by one hell of an epic track, titled ‘Wake Up’ which delivers a commendable mix of melody and metalcore, along with a stout dose of attitude.

Some pretty potent guitar work heralds the introduction of ‘Norwegian Death Metallers Burning Charlotte Churches’ which is a track whose song title definitely intrigues me in much the same way as the song itself does. This was the repeat player on the EP for me and I would highly recommend checking this track out.

‘Killing Joke’ brings ‘Lycanthropic Tendencies to an end on a high, with it’s fast paced energy winding up WOLFF’s debut EP with a wee dram of raging acrimony.

Believe it or not, you can listen to Lycanthropic Tendencies for free over on WOLFF’s Soundcloud page – and well worth making the effort to do so it is!

Review by Sue Wardle.