WCH Battle Of The Bands

Semi- Finals – Round 1.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 16th March 2014.

Well, it’s good to be back at The Slade Rooms again and even better to know that by the end of tonight, we will see two triumphant bands hit the home run straight into the Grand Final which is to be held at The Wulfrun on Friday 25th April.

With a total of five bands going through from both tonight’s and next Sunday’s Semi-Final, the tension is on again – especially as the one Wildcard vote will not be awarded until after all of the bands have played!

Having been wowed by Adamantium in the Quarter-Finals, I was really looking forward to seeing them back up on stage again and just as before, if not more so, these guys played it hard, heavy and always with a smile. Make sure you check out their song ‘Gunslinger’ which is up over on their Facebook page – it’s an absolute corker!

Second up tonight were My Great Affliction and clearly hell bent on raising their own bar, their set went turbo! A great new song from the band tonight and if this is the path that MGA will be following this year, the 2014 is going to be their finest year yet!

Keeping those energy levels on stage high, were our next band for this evening, Music Like Lemons. There is a great aura to this band that shines around their ability to write strong, catchy songs whilst maintaining that same clarity of excellence in their delivery. Song of the set for me once again was ‘50th Floor (Elevator)’ – great stuff!

Mr Georges Famous Last Words made quite an impression in their round in the Quarter-finals but tonight’s set saw them raising their game even higher. A quick peek around The Slade Rooms whilst they were playing showed an audience lapping up and loving every note and the applause and cheers at the end of their set was such that in a normal gig situation would have easily warranted an encore!

The penultimate band in tonight’s round, were Klasside and as with each and every band who had already played before them, their set tonight was pure Klass! There is a great streak of originality in the bands’ sound as albeit predominantly acoustic in style, it rocks with a force of its own whilst standing solidly on its own two feet. Tonight’s competition is definitely a tough one!

Last but certainly not least, were The Nics and boy oh boy, did these guys crank their performance up to eleven tonight! The atmosphere in The Slade Rooms was addictive as once again, the audience just loved these guys tonight and the band gave them every reason too and a great high to end tonight’s Semi-final on.

Tonight’s judging seemed to take forever but with only two bands to put through, this was going to be a very hard decision as all of tonight’s bands had been outstanding. But the decision was made and in due course, first place was awarded to Mr Georges Famous Last Words, with The Nics taking second place – an exceptionally tough round but a truly great night!

Words by Sue Wardle and Photography by Stephen Turner.