WCH Battle Of The Bands

Quarter Finals – Round 4.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 23rd February 2014.

Klasside were first to take control of the stage and made tasty work of filling The Slade Rooms with an impressive blend of semi-acoustic rock that also beats on the doors of funk, rap and folk aswell. These guys made quite an impression tonight and certainly earned the healthy round of applause and cheers that followed.

With a successful tour last year already tucked firmly under their belts, Sevendaze brought their blast of Nu-Metal to tonight’s event. Laid back in their style yet fixed tight in delivering a powerful sound, Sevendaze gave us a taste of both their new and old and well loved songs and with this being their first live performance for this year, I suspect there will be many good things coming their way in 2014.

There was a lot of love in the air for Skindeep who were our third band of the evening and with such an outstanding surge of energy on stage and a great repertoire of songs, it was very easy to understand how these guys have created such a big buzz for themselves. This young band is very much alive and Rockin so check them out over on Facebook and get yourself along to one of their gigs – you won’t be disappointed!


And the great bands just kept coming with local guys The Regulars next up tonight. Two of the great qualities I really admire about this young band is their ‘in ya face’ character which demands your attention and never fails to quickly connect with the audience.. There is also a great edginess in the style of their rock ‘n’ roll that gets the thumbs up from me every time.


I’ve seen our next bands name pop up across the West Mids gig circuit on many an occasion but tonight was to be my first experience of seeing Winston’s Big Brother live – and what an experience it was. These guys have a sound that is so full of skilled guitar riffs, pounding drum beats and catchy lyrics, that it stopped me dead in my tracks and with an audible influence of 70’s rock, these guys take the indie vibe back and to the future with ease.


Our final band in tonight’s round and also the last one to compete in the WCH Battle Of The Bands Quarter Finals, were the Walsall based band, Questions Of Angels – so no pressure there at all then! Tonight’s set gave us a great feel for the rich and rock heavy song composition that seems to continually be emerging from this band and also saw them push their performance hard and through to a new level that was a pleasure to watch.

 The prospect of having to select just three bands to go forward into the semi-finals was a massive task tonight with each and every band that played being worthy of a place but it had to be done and after the votes were finally counted, 1st place was awarded to Questions Of Angels, 2nd place went to Klasside and this weeks Wild Card vote being given to Winston’s Big Brother. A truly great night of music that brought all four rounds of the Quarter Finals to a final conclusion with the exciting prospect of so much great music still to come in the approaching Semi-Finals!

 Words by Sue Wardle and Photography by Stephen Turner.