WCH Battle Of The Bands

Quarter Finals – Round 3.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 16th February 2014.

With six bands en route to the WCH Battle Of The Bands semi-finals next month, the competition is already in full swing and still to come tonight, we had the great pleasure of Lynus, Singing Towards Disaster, Mr George’s Famous Last Words, The Rooz and Recoil.


 It was great to see so many people here in support of their favourite bands and first up and getting tonight’s rock rolling, were Lynus. These guys created an instant impact on the Slade Rooms with their blast of swashbuckling riffs and stage persona that was simply hell bent on giving everyone a great taste of what Lynus are all about.

Singing Towards Disaster

 It’s always a pleasure to see an up and coming band that show such a healthy commitment to writing good songs and who also demonstrate great potential within the local music scene and our second contenders of the evening, Singing Towards Disaster, are a band that I would happily describe as fitting into that category. These five guys play their music hard and heavy and clearly pay plenty of attention to the detail of their performance and image. Go check them out on Facebook, as I suspect there are many good things still to come from Singing Towards Disaster.

Mr George’s Famous Last Words

 Mr George’s Famous Last Words were the next band to take to the stage and in a matter of only seconds, the Slade Rooms lit up like a Christmas tree in more ways than one! These five funked up rock ‘N’ rollers have a sound and style that screams “Party On” and the audience didn’t hold back either in giving them a great reception and one that they most certainly earned tonight, as these guys not only blew the doors off The Slade Rooms but they raised the bar for the whole competition!

The Rooz

 With two more bands still to play tonight, there was no holding The Rooz from Telford back and without even waiting for an introduction, they took to the stage and Wolverhampton was again privy to a storming set loaded with the ‘WOW’ factor. The Rooz have more bounce than Tigger in both their songs and their stage performance and not even a broken string was gonna hold these guys back tonight. There is much great talent in this young band and the audience simply loved them!


 Last band to take to the stage tonight were Recoil from Stoke. With a wide range of many musical influences, Recoil are the proud owners of a full on and multi-dimensional sound that spans across the spectrum of rock, grunge and also includes just a touch of the blues. Much energy went into their set tonight as they brought tonight’s competition to a vibrant close.

Tonight’s semi-final can only be described as an impressive showcase for some of the dedicated musical talent that is very much alive and kicking in the West Midlands. And with that in mind, a huge shout must go out, along with a rousing round of applause to Mr George’s Famous Last Words for securing themselves first place, to The Rooz who came a very close second and finally to Lynus, who also go through to the next round with tonight’s Wild Card vote.

What a fabulous night!

Words by Sue Wardle and Photography by Stephen Turner.

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