WCH Battle Of The Bands

Quarter Finals – Round 2.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 9th February 2014.

Time seems to have flown by this week as I find myself heading back to The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton once again for Round 2 in The Quarter Finals of WCH Battle Of The Bands. Sadly we are one band down tonight through illness so ‘Get Well Soon’ wishes going out in Morningstar direction. Never the less, we still have a very promising night ahead with Empty Hands, Music Like Lemons, Fat Alice, Adamantium and GlassBullet chomping at the bit and raring to go.

Empty Hands

First band up tonight and raising the flag with their blast of edgy pop punk, were Empty hands from Birmingham. These guys have great regard for breathing the life into a live performance whilst also delivering an air of uber coolness in their manner and by the time their fifteen minute set was done, the empty hands of the audience were pleasingly full of applause.

Music Like Lemons
Music Like Lemons

Next band to take to the stage and hailing from Redditch, were Music Like Lemons who brought along with them a burst of something fresh and delightfully tangy. The crisp and distinctive vocals of Dean Harris made their song ‘50th Floor (Elevator)’ a real stand out moment in tonight’s set and I can highly recommend you check out their Facebook page and take a little listen for yourself.

Fat Alice

With the midway point of the evening upon us, and wasting little time in dishing out some funky punk vibes were Wolverhampton’s very own, Fat Alice. Front man James Danher was quick to get the audience moving nearer to the stage and with a fair bit of love and respect being reflected back to the stage from the audience, it was great to see the band having a good time aswell.


In comparison to last Sunday’s Round, tonight had so far been conspicuous in it’s absence of all things metal, but that was about to change courtesy of Adamantium from Worcester. With a sound that is by no means tame, these guys basked in the rays of melodic metal and soaring guitar riffs which were most ably driven by some hefty drumming. A great set from these guys with a fair on stage chuckles courtesy of a willful cymbal stand.


Last up tonight but certainly by no means least were the Birmingham based band, GlassBullet. This hard rocking foursome made light work of owning their fifteen minutes in both their musical content and performance and if the crowd had had their way, an encore from them would definitely have been the loudest order of the night. A thunderous set from these guys and a great end to Round 2.

With all five contenders having played a great part in tonight’s event, the task of identifying those to put forward into the semi-finals was not going to be an easy one. But the votes were counted and a final decision reached which placed GlassBullet in first place, second place went to Music Like Lemons and this evenings wildcard vote being awarded to Adamantium.

Next stop will be Round 3 on Sunday 16th February – and what another great night that looks set to be!

Words by Sue Wardle and Photography by Stephen Turner.

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