Vicious Nature

‘VII’ – Date of Release (Pending)

The imminent release of ‘VII‘ has been quite a talking point for many Midland metallers, as this EP/Album has been a work in progress since May of last year. Comprising of six mind bending tracks, VII pronounced Seven, see the Vicious Nature guys push their music through to a new level, whilst still maintaining that full on in your face ministry that Vicious Nature are renowned to deliver.

The opening track and intro ‘The Calm Before The Storm‘ is an instrumental entity that captures the atmospheric flow of Andy Southwell’s guitar and Mark Culley’s bass and came as a totally unexpected surprise but one that really got me thinking about the potential of this previously unheard side of Vicious Nature. Does it work – hell, yes it does and this track left me hoping that this grows into something bigger!

The second track of the album ‘Rise Up‘ sees the band hurtling full throttle down that metal highway with a rousing call to arms and having seen the band perform this song live with their unmistakable angst, nothing has been lost in it’s recording. The melody of this track leads Andy Pykes vocals smack bang into the eye of this storm and ultimately creates one hurricane of a track.

For me, the third track of VII ‘Devil Calls‘ is an absolute gem as it steps the pace up yet again with a hefty dose of mind bending psychosis. With a cacophony of venom, this track morphs its way through the realms of madness and if Edgar Allan Poe had ever tried his hand at writing metal, then this is what it would have sounded like so for those of a nervous disposition, be sure to lock your doors and windows and put all the lights on when you listen to this!

Twisted Psychotic‘ is the perfect choice to follow on with as this track doesn’t mince its words or hold anything back musically either – you really can feel the rasping hate emanate from this song through its mighty vengeful pulse courtesy of JB on drums.

VII’s penultimate track comes in the guise of ‘The Silence That Kills‘ which is fast becoming yet another live anthemic track for the band. This track is built for speed and combines just about everything that you could want through it’s tireless intensity of power which is guaranteed to send blood and adrenaline coursing through your veins .

As we approach the end of ‘VII’, Vicious Nature’s parting gift is a flash back to their set at Wizz Fest 2015 and takes on the form of a live recording for ‘System Of Disorder‘. Andy Southwell’s guitar licks hold the listeners attention throughout with his note perfect precision whilst the fury in Andy Pyke’s vocals takes the atmosphere to a whole new level and he just about sums this track and ‘VII’ up with his final statement “Fucking brilliant“!

Overall, VII is a must have experience and WELL worth the wait. It delivers everything it promises and I wholeheartedly recommend grabbing a copy of it as soon as you can.

Band Line up:

Andy Pyke – Vocals
Andy Southwell – Guitar
Mark Culley – Bass
JB – Drums/Hellfire & Brimstone

Track Listing:

1.The Calm Before The Storm
2.Rise Up
3.Devil Calls
4.Twisted Psychotic
5.The Silence That Kills
6.System Of Disorder – recorded at Wizz Fest 2015 (Bonus Live Track).

Review by Sue Wardle.