The Slade Rooms 4th July 2013

At The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 4th July 2013.

Headlining tonight’s show were VEGA, a British melodic rock band featuring former KICK vocalist Nick Workman, Tom & James Martin and drummer Dan Chantrey. These guys have definitely been gathering momentum like a runaway train recently! Unlike the majority of current melodic rock bands plodding along like lumbering dinosaurs, VEGA have an insane energy that captivates the crowd. I last saw the lads back in April of this year as they closed the opening night on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell in Rotherham after their recent tour supporting FM.

Tom Martin and Nick Workman - Vega

Vega exploded onto stage, opening the show with “Kiss of Life” from their 2010 debut album “Kiss This” which fans of VEGA will know that this is one of the more heavier tracks and certainly a cracking opener! “Not There for You” was amazing performed live with its strong hooks and fantastic chorus-lines, with some excellent guitar work from Tom Martin.


There was a real mixture of songs throughout the night and the tracks from VEGAS latest album “What The Hell” do sound a little different to those from their first album. This is most likely down to the addition of more guitar parts, which in my opinion is never a bad thing. “Saviour” and “What The Hell” were simply sublime and suited Workman’s captivating vocal style to a tee. And while we’re on the subject of Nick Workman – his on stage persona is beyond charismatic!

Nick Workman - Vega

Tracks like “White Knuckle Ride” with its catchy chorus and “Hearts of Glass” had the Wolverhampton crowd whipped up into a frenzy whilst closing track “Hand In The Air” will have stuck in most peoples heads on their journey home…

Dan Chantrey - Vega

VEGA are definitely set to bring back the reputation of British melodic rock, while influenced by some of the greats, they still have a sound that is most unquestionably their own and an identity that will appeal to a massive audience.

Tom Martin - Vega

Words and Photography by Mark at Amplified Gig Photography.