Uprising 2019

Sunday 15th September 2019.

And so we come onto the third and final day at Uprising IV festival in Leicester and after a high intense atmosphere on the Saturday where Napalm Death tore the O2 Academy a new one, I headed back to the Firebug with my fiancé, intent on seeing a ray of talent burst out onto the music scene.

As with a three day music festival there wasn’t much of the night before hangover to deal with so it was straight into today’s second on the bill, Devil’s Playground. Tempting you into a void where an angelic voice draws you in only to be met by the devil himself, you’re drawn into a world that gets your heart pumping with amazing riff’s that set the scene. Each song has an energetic background that makes classic British metal which speaks volumes to your soul.

Still buzzing from an amazing set, we get ready for Dishonour The Crown who are an instantly ‘in your face’ band who leap into action. Standing still is nearly impossible as this band tells you how it is and with nothing held back, you’re ready for a battle in which the band shows no mercy.

As we wait for the next band to start, a confident Firouzeh dressed in black sets up to captivate and control her audience. Control the Storm are seventh on the bill and deliver a story teller’s night where darkness meets the light. This band have their own original genre which draws you in, with the added bonus of presence on stage that brings an enlightening instrumental background.

After grabbing a quick drink to recover, we set ourselves up for Fraction and their mix of thrash, progressive and groovy metal. Fraction are a tightly knitted band with a very strong following, who were already in the zone and waiting for the set that followed and gave us a wealth of songs that brought out a range of emotions through their lyrics.

We finished our night with Prognosis. After meeting this band at Bloodstock in the VIP bar in 2017 we were very excited to see them live again and already had high expectation for them. We were not disappointed and were blown away once more as they destroyed their set. A progressive metal band with a stoner vibe and one of my favourite bands from this evening who we look forward to seeing again in the future.

After finishing the Uprising IV festival with Jay Hawkins, who was a great mentor for me to take on the Sunday on my own, we were both left in awe of what the metal music scene has to offer and I genuinely can’t wait until next year and do another Uprising Festival again.

To see more photographs from the day, be sure to check out music224 over on FLICKR.

Review and Photography by Masaaki Black