Ultimate Eagles

Hell Froze Over Tour.

The Robin2 Bilston 23rd September 2014.

I’m not one to wish away those glorious days of summer, but the onset of Autumn this year had special meaning as it heralded the start of the Ultimate Eagles nineteen date ‘Hell Froze Over’ tour.

With each and every year that passes, my anticipation of the next Ultimate Eagle’s tour is ever present, and I’m not alone in that mindset either as since the onset of this band back in 2010, their many outstanding performances across the UK and Europe have attracted praise from thousands of concert goers and which ever gig you attend, you will always find a loyal army of fans ever present.

Chris Childs

The ‘Hell Froze Over’ tour see’s the Ultimate Eagles making acoustic representation of The Eagles 1994 album “Hell Freezes Over’’, which is an album that contains a fair few favourite tracks for us Eagle aficionados. The tour also holds the undoubtable promise of seeing Christian Phillips, Chris Wright, Danny Vaughn, Michael Lawrence and Chris Childs take to the stage in a union that never fails to deliver maximum enjoyment. Sadly, Ryan Aston was not able to partake in this tour but taking up the drum seat in his absence was Rhys Morgan.

Rhys Morgan

In conjunction with the ‘Hell Freezes Over’ Tour, and to mark it’s acoustic nature, the band have released ‘Bare Bones’, which in my opinion, is a twelve track pleasure! With several of its songs featuring throughout the Ultimate Eagles performance, this is an album that is set to ignite the memory through reliving many of the great musical highlights of this tour, so for those who didn’t purchase a copy but wished they had, fear not, as the CD can still be purchased directly from the bands website.

Michael Lawrence

With cheers and applause from the audience at The Robin2 that were as warm and welcoming as the vibrant stage lighting, the Ultimate Eagles took to the stage and the first half of tonight’s set began. It was quickly apparent that no detail, no matter how small, had been overlooked, as the haunting strains of Chris Wright’s acoustic guitar and the calm sereneness on stage captured the moment beautifully and was nothing short of spellbinding.

Chris Wright

The vocal abilities of the Ultimate Eagles are without doubt always outstanding and when matched with tonight’s acoustic ambience, the emotion behind the lyrics of The Eagles powerful songs really rang out with crystal clarity. For me and for that very reason, the highlight’s from the first half of tonight’s show had to be ’Heart Of The Matter’ and ‘New York Minute’, with both Messrs Danny Vaughn and Michael Lawrence capturing the moment perfectly.

Danny Vaughn

As the lights came up for the second half of tonight’s show, the classic tracks from ‘Hell Froze Over’ were set to continue and as much as the Ultimate Eagles strive to capture the authenticity of those songs made great by The Eagles themselves, they do so in a manner that is completely their own. Having seen the UE’s perform live on many an occasion and listened to their recorded material on a regular basis, once again I found myself reflecting and marvelling upon their attention for detail.

Christian Phillips

The ‘Hell Froze Over Tour’ has seen the Ultimate Eagles take their show to a new level of performance in theatres several times larger than the comparable setting of The Robin2. And with that though in mind, tonight’s show has to be seen as something a little bit special and one that sits amongst the highlights of my concert going year but as always, I look forward to the next tour so roll on 2015!

Set List 1.Hotel California (acoustic) 2.Tequila Sunrise 3.Help me through the night 4.Heart of the matter 5.Love will keep us alive 6.Pretty Maids 7.Wasted time 8.I can’t tell you why 9.New York Minute 10.Last Resort 11.Seven Bridges 12.Take it easy 13.One of these nights 14.New Kid in town 15.Lyin Eyes 16.Take it to the Limit 17.In the City 18.Get over it 19.Heartache tonight 20.Life in the fast lane 21.Desperado

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.