With support from Romeo‘s Daughter.
The Robin2 Bilston 30th January 2017.

As a live music photographer/reviewer, it’s always a privilege to attend live events and capture the memories as they are being made and also record history in the making but there is one particular band whose concerts have repeatedly left me in varying stages of awe over the years, and that is Tyketto.

And with that knowledge in mind, tonight’s event at The Robin2 in Bilston, just couldn’t come soon enough!

But first, and getting this evenings show underway to a very warm welcome indeed, were Romeo’s Daughter. With their classic track ‘Heaven In The Backseat’ first up tonight, the Robin2’s audience were quick to add their voices to that of Leigh Matty and who could blame them, as this is the kind of track you just don’t experience fully without singing along! As their set continued, tracks from their 2015 album ‘Spin’ served as an impressive reminder that Romeo’s Daughter continue to write songs that are guaranteed to please the current day rock connoisseur – and that is exactly what I’m sure they will continue to do on their forthcoming live dates, which start off with HRH AOR at Pwllheli on 10.3.17.

Leigh Matty - Romeo's Daughter

Romeo’s Daughter Setlist: 1.Heaven In The Backseat 2.Attracted To The Animal 3.Touch 4.Radio 5.Bittersweet 6.Alive 7.Inside Out 8.I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night 9.Wild Child

I think it’s fair to say that the West Midlands has, and will always hold the warmest of welcomes for Tyketto, so as the time approached for the band to take to the stage, I found myself standing in a pretty much full to capacity venue with an army of like minded fans.

As the stage lights went dark and the introduction tape began, there was an eerie kind of hush that fell across the audience around me but this instantly changed to raging cheers as the stage light’s blazed, and there they were – Tyketto!

Danny Vaughn - Tyketto

With the opening track ‘Kick Like A Mule’ raining down Tyketto’s adrenaline fuelled charge on the audience, the atmosphere was off the wall and from my perspective squished up amongst the front few rows, it really was something fantastic to be a part of. But this kind of atmosphere is not unique to any one specific Tyketto gig – it’s just what happens, as both fans and band alike are there to celebrate the many great years spent making and listening to this awesome music.

Ged Rylands - Tyketto

With tonight’s set list including some of Tyketto’s most anthemic tracks, including ‘Wings’, ‘Burning Down Inside’ and ‘Lay Your Body Down’, there was much audience singing to be done and I imagine sales of Strepsils hit an all time high across the Midlands the following day, as this audience was one that most definitely wanted to be heard!

Chris Green and Chris Childs - Tyketto

Tonight’s set wasn’t just a celebration of days gone by tho, as this was the first tour after the bands 2016 album release ‘Reach’, and a first chance to see and hear a few of the new tracks played live. And we were not to be disappointed either as in addition to ‘Kick Like A Mule’, tonight’s set also featured ’I Need It Now’, ’Big Money’ and the most beautiful of songs and title track of the album aswell, ‘Reach’.

Michael Clayton - Tyketto

With Tyketto’s set drawing to an end, there was still one song that needed to be heard and sure enough, encore of the night was ‘Forever Young’. There is something very special about this song as it seems to holds so much meaning to so many and if the tonight’s performance was anything to go by, that can be said for Tyketto aswell.

Tyketto will be back again on UK shores later this year as part of the HRH festival (9-12th November 2017), so I have finger, toes and just about everything else crossed in the hope that we’ll see a few more dates added aswell, as there’s no such thing as too much Tyketto!

Tyketto Setlist: 1.Kick Like A Mule 2.Wings 3.Rescue Me 4.Faithless 5.I Need It Now 6.Burning Down Inside 7.Meet Me In The Night 8.Reach 9.Dig In Deep 10.Standing Alone 11.Catch My Fall 12. Let It Go 13.Big Money 14.Lay Your Body Down 15.Love To Love – (Encore) 16.Forever Young

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.