With support from Bonfire and Summers.

The Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton 22nd March 2014.

Time has this habit of flying by without you realizing just how quickly the years have passed and for Tyketto, the first twenty five years have been a pretty special experience. Despite the distance between Tyketto’s homeland of New York USA and the West Midlands, there has always been a longstanding hearty respect to be found here for this great band, so tonight’s gig at The Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton was always destined to be something more than just a little bit special.

Doing the opening honours tonight were Southampton based band Summers and I think it’s pretty fair to say these guys know how to make an audience rock. Since brothers Crash on lead vocals and Ricky on bass, first set up their store back in 2007, the great partnership of Jason Sepala and Joedy Rose on guitars and Andy Pope on drums has given this band a vivacious melodic edge and their set tonight quickly captured The Wulfrun Halls’ full attention. A great start to the night and a great line up choice aswell and I’m sure I was just one of many tonight who will definitely be making a point of seeing these guys again first chance I get.


The 1980’s gave us many great melodic rock bands to be thankful for and one such band is without doubt, the impressive and compelling German masters, Bonfire. As with Tyketto, time has left behind a legacy of great music  that this band has created and with an hour long set tonight that enabled us to hear many of their finest, Wolverhampton really was basking in the thrill of such an opportunity.

Claus Lessmann - Bonfire

I can only begin to imagine what it must have felt like for the band to hear the loyal Wulfrun audience singing along to their songs and calling out in anticipation of the next one but judging by the size of the smiles on their faces, I’m guessing it must have felt pretty good!

Uwe Kohler - Bonfire.

Set List tonight included: 1. Bells Of Freedom 2. Tony’s Roulette 3. Never Mind 4. Hot To Rock 5. Don’t Touch The Light 6. Fantasy 7. Sword And Stone 8. Give It A Try 9. Under Blue Skies 10. Sweet Obsession 11. Bang Down The Door

With 9.30pm and Tyketto time approaching fast, it was no surprise to see the huge gathering of the Tyke’s army fervently checking their watches in eager anticipation of what we were all about to receive and in light of the incoming reviews from the previous dates of this tour so far, no one could be blamed for not wanting to miss a single minute. Albeit tonight’s line up was a slight variation from their original one due to the absence of Brooke St. James, there was never the less a warm welcome waiting for Chris Green whose job it was to fill his shoes and an equally warm welcome to Ged Rylands on keyboards who is getting to be a bit of a regular fixture up on stage with Tyketto.

Ged Rylands - Tyketto

The band certainly didn’t need to wait for any introduction, as from the moment that the audience’s sixth sense kicked in that Tyketto’s arrival on stage was seconds away, there was no holding anyone back and band and audience burst into life as one. You know that great feeling you get when you meet up with an old friend who you haven’t seen in ages and it feels like you’ve never been apart? Well to me, that just about describes the atmosphere on and off stage and as far as the enjoyability factor went, this gig was going to be one that the audience here tonight would be recalling for a long time yet to come!

Danny Vaughn - Tyketto

With twenty five years of songs tucked firmly under their belt, Tyketto’s ninety minute set took us on a journey that stopped off at just about everyone’s favourite track. From the early day’s of the 1990’s with songs such as ‘Burning Down Inside’, ‘Standing Alone’ and ‘Wings’, through to their 2012 album ‘Dig In Deep’ and including it’s title track, the contents of Tyketto’s melodic rock treasure trove overflowed sweetly tonight for sure!

Danny Vaughn & Jimi Kennedy - Tyketto

Tonight’s concert was quite simply outstanding. The energy on stage was completely addictive and the audience’s reaction and participation to it matched the bands every moment – a very special night indeed and a perfectly fitting event to mark twenty five very special years.


Set list tonight included: 1. Burning Down Inside 2. Rescue Me 3. Faithless 4. Seasons 5. End Of Summer Days 6. Sail Away 7. Here’s Hoping It Hurts 8. Meet Me In The Night 9. Dig In Deep 10. Lay Your Body Down 11. Sound Off 12. Standing Alone 13. Catch My Fall 14. Catch My Fall (Soul Brothers Six cover) 15. Wings. Encore: The Last Sunset and Forever Young

With each and every Tyketto performance that I’ve seen over the years, I’ve always gone home thinking how do they do it, how do they consistently manage to excel and exceed their last performance? Well, I think Danny Vaughn has provided me with the answer to that very question, courtesy of a Tyketto video on YouTube and I quote…

“This is for all of us, that when we do this just don’t feel the years anymore” Danny Vaughn, Forever Young – Firefest 2012.

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.