With support from Black Ink.
Rock City Basement Nottingham 23rd June 2018.

Tonight doors were scheduled to open at 18.30, but due to traffic conditions (likely the M1) TRC couldn’t make it to the venue in time, so doors got moved to the later time of 19.30. This delay afforded me some time to bask in this glorious spell of sunshine that we’re currently experiencing. It also allowed me the opportunity to discover a great Mexican food place, where I devoured a fat beef burrito!

With only one band in support tonight, it was a nice easy night from my perspective, but by no means less important!

Support came courtesy of Black Ink, who are a local band from Nottingham and as they play hardcore/metal, they are getting some great support slots of late, which is great for them but also show’s that this genre is very popular at the moment! I first saw these guys late last year when they supported non other than Jinjer, who I’m looking forward to seeing again when they play Amplified Festival. They also play Tech-Fest the same weekend, so they’re getting known here in the UK, which pleases me greatly.

On my first encounter with Black Ink, they had a much larger band playing, which consisted of 6 members – 2 vocalists, 2 guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Tonight, they only had 4 band members, 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 vocalist and a drummer, this reason is evident on their Facebook page, with their latest announcement, so what we see now is the bands full line up, for this and any future events.

Both Kam and Chis, the bands guitarist and bassist, respectively openly admitted to me they were nervous, after the show, which was nice, as it shows they care. They also admitted they’ve been massive fans of tonight’s headliner TRC for some time, like me then!

One thing that strikes me about this band is their vocalist Sam with his big personality, which shines through during their set but above all, it’s the range within his voice that impresses me most. He can go from baritone, to tenor, in no time at all. What a front man and with every show he performs, he grows in confidence. I wish them the best of luck as a 4 piece but with support slots like this, they’re on their way!

I first discovered TRC back in 2012 when they released ‘The Story So Far’ and with tracks like ‘Heartless’, ’Bastard’ and ‘Cocky is Back’, it was very easy to see why these guys were grabbing the attention of big media outlets and festival promoters around the world although these guys have been rocking the underground UK Hardcore scene since 2004. This band are a true DIY success and I love that about them. There are many hardcore metal bands out their at present but these guys are one of the founders of the scene, who clearly stand out with their unique approach to the genre. Their style is like no other and I believe it’s down to their cut throat song writing and lyrical style. Chris, the bands clean vocalist (mostly) is also bit of a celebrity in his own right and appears to be the driving force in the band. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get.

After a sustained period of heavy touring between 2012 and 2016, the band took some time off for a couple of years. Thankfully, they’ve released a stunning new EP this year, titled ‘Lifestyle’ which makes me very happy, as I’ve been itching to see this band live for some time as I’m a massive fan. Stand out tracks on this new EP are ‘Moaner’ which they released as an official single earlier in the year and it has a great music video, seriously, check it out on You Tube, it’ll help you to understand that these guys have got a great sense of humour! Also check out ‘London’s Greatest Love Story Part II’ and Scrounger.

During Black Ink’s set, I saw Chris sat over by the merch table. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to meet him in person, I went over and shook his hand. Not wanting to look too much of a fan boy, I left it at that and ran off! haha!

Although older and slightly wiser, they haven’t lost any of that raw energy that these guys have been well known for over the years. It was hard work, trying to photograph the band, to be honest, I literally tried every conceivable angle available to me, in order to capture these guys, but they bounce around like loons – I loved it! The crowd loved it too, especially one guy in particular. Having not toured for a couple of years, I can’t help but think TRC have forgotten how crazy their fans are in the pit. Chris came to the barrier and got the mic shoved up his nose from said fan but no hard feelings, as this is what TRC are all about, helping you lose your shit for an hour and ensuring you have a great time but it shocked him! As this was a very short run of dates, both here and in Europe, I was surprised to see Nottingham on the list, to be honest. I’d love to know why this city was chosen? In all honesty, for a band of this caliber, it won’t take long for word to get about that they’re back and better than ever. Don’t be too surprised to see TRC appear a lot more over the coming months!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)