‘Dried Bones’

Release Date 27th June 2015. Ever since I first saw Torous live on stage, I’ve felt that there was something very special and unique waiting to emerge from this creative threesome and upon hearing their new EP ‘Dried Bones’, I’m delighted to say – here it is!

Torous - Dried Bones.Marc Malone, Tom Fenn and GMT have succeeded in reaching that notable achievement of perfectly capturing the aura of Torous in one brilliant little EP and you simply can’t afford to take your ears or mind away from it for fear of missing one single creative moment.

Each song on the EP captures an abundance of collective originalities that are fearless within their own presentation and the first track on the EP ‘Occams Razor’ is a mesmerizing introduction to the four tracks that are about to follow.

The second and title track of the EP ‘Dried Bones’, delves deeply into a progressive folk rock vein which when created in partnership with the Torous’ emerging wizardry, shows the shape and individuality that this band posses – and are clearly not afraid of using!

These songs defy conventionality as all instruments and vocals seem to be in a deep and intense conversation with each other and none more so than in our next track ‘Hide In Sides’. Here, the powerful bass and drum rhythms can be found in contrast to the wistful and expressive vocals and guitar work of Marc Malone and for me, mark this track out as truly intelligent music!

The fourth track on the EP ‘Roll In The Tide’ delivers the bite of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as its opening eerie calmness is savagely shattered by the brutal rhythms and melodies that Torous can claim title to and for me, this was the one track who’s intensity lingered long after it’s final note.

I have to say that the closing track of this EP ‘Don’t Slip’, heralds the most perfect of endings for ‘Dried Bones’. This track is completely owned by Marc Malone, GMT and Tom Fenn as it truly captures the full strength of this allied partnership and succinctly delivers the ultimate impact of Torous’s intense heaviness.

I cannot praise Torous enough for taking their music above and beyond the realms of conventionality and if ever a recording warranted the award of 11/10, this is it!

Review by Sue Wardle