This Elegant Chaos

The Giffard Wolverhampton 23rd July 2016.

The search for great live music takes me tonight, to The Giffard in Wolverhampton. This is a venue I’ve yet to experience and this evenings gig also heralds an introduction to two bands new to me, those being Icefire and April Black – plus a most welcome catch up with This Elegant Chaos!

It’s always a pleasure to see a band who are clearly comfortable in their own skins and our first band of the night Icefire, certainly made light work of making their hard rocking presence felt. There is without doubt, a wealth of experience in Icefire with a familiar face or two to be seen in their current line up but it was also good to see the newest member of the band, Connor seated at the drums and making the next chapter for the band seem very bright indeed.

Debz Woodward - Icefire

Next up and my second new musical experience of the night, were April Black who cut quite a formidable set, much to the enjoyment of The Giffard’s audience. Not only do April Black look the part but they sound good too with Amy Durnall providing a bewitching mix of gothic allure, combined with a generous helping of melodic undertones.

Amy Durnall - AprilBlack

If you get the chance to see April Black live – do it, but until then, go check the band out over on Facebook.

Andy Durnall - AprilBlack

And so, on to tonight’s headlining band who were none other than This Elegant Chaos, comprising of Steph Taylor (vocals), Mark Beach (drums), Paul Clifford (guitar/vocals) and Greg Boden (bass).

Mark Beach - This Elegant Chaos

These guys have a play hard and embrace the craziness approach to their music which never fails to capture the attention and imagination of all those who witness their whirlwind of dark delirium, and tonight‘s set from the band was a perfect experience of just that.

Paul Clifford and Greg Boden - This Elegant Chaos

This evenings set from This Elegant Chaos saw The Giffard privy to such great songs as ‘Bloodlust’ and ‘Hello F*ck You Goodbye’, with the vocals of Steph Taylor being absolutely supreme.

Steph Taylor - This Elegant Chaos

I’m not sure what live plans the band have for the forthcoming months but whatever they are, I’m sure that This Elegant Chaos will continue to be as unrestrained and as decadent as ever!

With regards to The Giffard itself, I have to say that this place rocks and is one pretty cool venue to see live music at. So big thanks to Brett Hall and all those other hard working souls who made tonight’s gig happen – you guys put on one heck of a good show!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.