With anticipation rising for its arrival, UK rockers THEIA are poised to uncage their debut album ‘Take The Pill’ on the British rock scene this September and unleash more of the anthemic and passion stirring sounds which have already made their new single highly acclaimed.

Launch poster

Formed in 2012, the Burton-upon-Trent based Theia has continually been an attention grabbing prospect weaving the inspirations of bands such as Buckcherry, Winterville, Alter Bridge, and Black Label Society into their own robust hard rock rampage. As their two well-received 2013 released EPs quickly revealed, the muscular and rebellious nature of their rock ‘n’ roll also holds a melodic prowess and impassioned flame, breeding unpredictability and adventure to its voracious tone.

Theia is a band unable to sit on simply having a great sound though, so the past year has seen the threesome push their boundaries and imagination for the new album ‘Take The Pill’. They have ventured into fiercer fusions of flavours and greater depths in their invention whilst retaining the raw power and tenacious enterprise they have become renowned for in the studio, and as one of the UK’s explosive live bands. ‘Take The Pill’ is a landmark in the band’s creative fire, a release bringing the increasingly unique character of their music and the growing richness of their individual craft out in full. With the rousing roars of Kyle Lamley aligning to the thickly enticing enterprise of his guitar, and the almost bestial persuasion of Paul Edwards’ bass colluding with the rapier agility of John Tolley’s rhythms, Theia’s new slab of galvanic rock ‘n’ roll is the declaration of a band come of age.

The first hint to the expansive and fiery hard rock to be found within ‘Take The Pill’, was its recently released first single “Ride On” which has drawn acclaim for its infectious layering of blues endeavour with intoxicating melodic hues and growling energy. The song revealed a fresh impetus which the album continues, vocalist/guitarist Kyle describing the upcoming adventure as “If music is a journey then for me, ‘Take The Pill’ is the ticket office at the station. We’re not exactly sure where we’re going to end up but we don’t care! This album is the start of something awesome, it’s taken some time to get here but now the ball is rolling we don’t want it to stop. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to let the world hear it!”

THEIA - Ride On

Fair to say excitement is ripe within the Theia camp and their fans and only building further as the launch party for ‘Take The Pill’ looms at the Tower Brewery, Burton Upon Trent on September 26th, where exclusively the album will be available for half price whilst pre-orders are available digitally via iTunes and for the tasty Digipack CD version, through the band’s website.

As their celestial namesake impacted on the terrain we walk, so Theia and ‘Take The Pill’ are poised to ignite the UK’s rock landscape.