It’s certainly all go at the moment for THEIA so it was great to meet up with them and find out how things are going – here’s what they had to say when they spoke to Toni Reed…

For those that don’t know THEIA, explain a little about yourselves and what you do? How did you decide on THEIA as a name?

Kyle – I am Kyle, I am lead guitar, vocals and other front manly duties

Paul – I’m Paul, I’m bassist, backing vocals and that’s it

John – My names John and I am drums

How did you decide on THEIA as a name?

Kyle – It was a long list of names that it got picked out of and it got put to the bottom quite a few times, but this was way back when I was in secondary school. I had only just met Paul and didn’t know he was musically inclined at all and I don’t know John was probably doing something entirely different.

John – Yes, I was doing something entirely different at the time, I’m a bit older you see. I’ve been in the band a year now.

Paul – you’ve had an anniversary, your one of us now

Kyle – I think the name stuck because it’s short and sweet, one word. I like names you can just hammer out at someone.


Your debut album “Take The Pill” is pre-release tomorrow and digital release on 28th September. Song writing, how do you work together getting the lyrics and the music right?

Paul and John look at Kyle then myself, questioning whether Kyle is the talker of the group?

Kyle- I am, the thing is the lights are on but no one’s home today. This is our third in three days, gig wise. So I apologise for any lagging that’s going on.

Paul – Degeneration Friday, Bridgenorth yesterday. It’s been a glorious weekend.

Kyle – So writing, it’s a bit of a mix of that whole organic, jam style thing and a lot of the time I come with an idea. Either a chorus, a riff, a lyric or something.

John- We will then say whether it’s good or it’s bad or we try and work on it. Take it to the next level.

Kyle – Paul can take a lot of my ideas that are sometimes a bit heavy or obscure and he’ll go, let’s take it down the middle of the road a little bit more, give it some sing ability. And John will go, sorry guys but I think we need to swap that for that. It’s a team effort at the end of the day

What is your favourite song on the album and why?

Paul – Are we allowed to drop names yet?

Kyle & John – Yes

Paul – I suppose “Electric Witness”, It’s got a lot of variation in, there’s a lot of different things in it and it builds up quite nice. Especially on the album, on the production there are little things you will probably pick out every time you hear it. It’s just an all-round fun song to play with different moods and different things about it.

Kyle – For me, my favourite is “Ride On” which is the lead single which is being released tomorrow. There’s just something about it, it’s bluesy, it’s rocky and it’s got two guitar solos in it so I would love that one no matter what.

John – For me, off this album, is either “Somedays” or “Electric Witness” as Paul said, but there’s a few more from album number two that I like playing as well but that’s miles away yet.

Kyle – Wait are we doing a second album?

You have been busy this year with festivals including Degeneration, Rock and Blues, Mammothfest, Breaking bands, Rocking for the Children, HRH Ibiza and you’ve also gigged with Hells Additiction and Eva Plays Dead. What have been the highlights?

Kyle – For me personally Rock and Blues this year, although I should really count Hard Rock Hell Ibiza amongst my favourite experiences this year, partly because the Hard Rock Hell group are always lovely. We have met some of our best friends through the community there and the fact we got a holiday in Ibiza alongside it. So for me, Hard Rock Hell Ibiza or Rock and Blues because we camped and got merry.

Paul – I’d say exactly the same, Rock and Blues probably even Ibiza. Probably even Rebel Rally, which is a good old little biker’s fest. Its camping, good atmosphere and its family orientated. There are a lot of people there, it’s just got a good feeling around it. It’s just a joyous place to be and play. You get so much good feedback and it’s always a good one.


How do you like to spend your free time, hobbies, relaxing etc?

Kyle – Weekends like this, generally the free time is taken up with sleep, and I love sleeping. I am a big writer, as in poetry and stories. I like writing and then on the side I work as well. That’s kind of where the whole musical side came from, I was writing a lot. I was very quiet at school, believe it or not, in my own little world.

Paul – When I’m not working I suppose I have a lot of hobbies really. I like to build instruments, especially guitars and spending too much money on games, Lego and films.

John – I’ve got thre kids so a lot of my time is spent up with them, I like to play video games with my kids and my wife takes up a lot of my time as well. I have also just moved house too.

Kyle is playing “Johnny” in American Idiot at Derby Theatre in November, are you looking forward to it?

Kyle – Yes, Derby Theatre 5-7th November, I’m playing Johnny who is a Jesus of Suburbia character. He’s the son of rage of love. I’ve done musical theatre before, we did it in Burton where we are from. .

Paul – You are regressing back to that point in your life.

Kyle – Yeah, I love it. I love the whole being a character thing and the fact that this character is a crazy rock star that goes a bit off the wall and gets to play guitar on stage and the size of derby theatre as well, it’s the best of both worlds so I am really excited.

Who are you looking forward to seeing today?

Kyle – That’s a tricky question because originally when we were announced to play this and we saw the line up, I was so excited to see Massive Wagons. I love the boys. (Sadly, Massive Wagons had had to pull out, which was a real shame)

I don’t know how this will make me sound but everyone has different tastes, there are some all dayers/festivals where I don’t want to watch every band, just because of the way it works but genuinely today I could have stood and watched every single band.

John – Falling Red are pretty cool.

Kyle – Falling Red, Defy All Reason, Bad Touch.

John – The band that was just on, Spiral Dive, had some wicked riffs.

Kyle – We got here just as Lyxx were finishing aswell, we played with them in Glasgow when we played Highway To Hell, so it was nice to see them again. I think the line-up is really good today.


Whats next for THEIA?

John – Possible plans for a video at some point.

Kyle – This weekend like I say we have had three gigs on three days, so from now on we are going to stick our heads down and plan, promote and do the things that have to be done.

The hope for all of us is to get out on a tour next year, with someone or on our own, we want to tread the boards even more.

Thanks to THEIA for taking the time out to talk to us today and we look forward to seeing you at your album launch party on September 26th at Tower Brewery, Burton Upon Trent.

Interview by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.