The Whiskey Syndicate

Farewell Show

With support from Stone Broken/ My Great Affliction and Liberty Lies.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 16th May 2014.

The West Midlands has an amazing music scene with a wealth of outstanding local bands and tonight, the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton has opened its doors for the bitter sweet occasion of the farewell show from one such almighty band, The Whiskey Syndicate.

So, with tonight guaranteed to be one ‘ell of a night from the onset, Stone Broken set about getting things off to a flying start. Although I’d not seen this band play live before, I’ve heard and seen their name mentioned on many an occasion and I’m taking that as a sign that this is a band who are serious about getting themselves out their in the public eye. With Stone Broken’s four piece line up consisting of Rich on vocals and guitar, Chris on lead guitar, Kieron on bass and Robyn on drums, they own a tough and enduring hard rockin’ sound that certainly held my attention tonight and I will definitely be seeing Stone Broken again!

Rich and Kieron from Stone Broken

I think it’s fair to say that just as tonight has special meaning to The Whiskey Syndicate and their fans it also has a special meaning to the bands aswell, and none more so than for our next band of the evening, My Great Affliction. Having seen both of these bands play together at the same events over the years and in the knowledge that many a laugh has been shared between them off stage aswell, Ste Gough’s retort of the good times had and memories made, really brought it home for me about the camaraderie and support that does exist between bands within the West Midlands music scene. Once again, and as always, the Slade Rooms was treated to a great set from My Great Affliction and a top notch personal tribute to The Whiskey Syndicate.

Craig Horobin - My Great Affliction

Our third band for this evening, Liberty Lies, are yet again another West Midlands talent who over the years have dug in deep and subsequently amassed a pedigree to be proud of and I hang my head in shame when I confess that this is the very first time I have actually seen them live. The first thing that grabbed me about their set tonight was the energy that they put into their performance from the onset of their first song. With each song being packed with an impressive array of guitar riffs and melodic vocals, Liberty Lies songwriting ability basked gloriously under the red stage lights of the Slade Rooms and once again, here is another band I will look forward to seeing again.

Shaun Richards - Liberty Lies

The Whiskey Syndicate really need very little introduction as they have been filling our airwaves with their own brand of ballsy rock ‘n’ roll since 2008 and with each year that has passed since then, this band has categorically grown in greatness and continually succeeded to deliver one live performance after another that never fails to pack the mightiest of punches.

Rich Corry - The Whiskey Syndicate

With so many years worth of music to cram into tonight’s set, this evenings auditory delights consisted not only of a hearty selection of tracks from their 2013 album release ‘Right Side Of Crazy’ but tracks from the earlier days aswell and you gotta hand it to these guys as tonight, they sure played the living daylight’s out of each and every song.

Ant Wright - The Whiskey Syndicate

With this being their Farewell gig, it was so cool to have each band member take to the mic to share memories personal to them as individuals and once again, it really brought home the brotherhood that exists amongst musicians and the greatness of the friendships that have grow through so many experiences shared.

Stu Adams - The Whiskey Syndicate

I, for one will certainly miss The Whiskey Syndicate as these guys have continually crafted some outstanding rock ‘n’ roll and made each and every gig and absolute pleasure to have attended and I’m sure there is an abundance of others who will share those beliefs aswell. So, from all of us like minded fans – huge thanks must go out to The Whiskey Syndicate, it really has been a barrel of good times having you around!

Mike Davies - The Whiskey Syndicate

Tonight’s set list consisted of: 1.Break The Chains 2.Under Your Spell 3.Rock ‘n’ Rolla 4.Rise For Me 5.Struck By The Light 6.Bare Back Love Rat 7.Skin & Bones 8.Jazz Bar 9.Nothing To Hide 10.Medley 11.Meaning Of Life. Encore – Darker Side Of Your Mind

And there we have it peeps, the end of The Whiskey Syndicate era brought to a close on one outstanding evening. Whatever the future holds for these guys now, I very much hope it brings much success and happiness to them all and may the great memories they’ve made for so many never fade!

Words by Sue Wardle and Photography by Sue Wardle and Lucy Horobin.