The Treatment


And the interviews just keep coming! This time Mark Lloyd catches up with  Matt Jones & Dhanni Mansworth from The Treatment.

ML: Hi guys, thanks for talking to us today. How was the set?
MJ: It was really good man, we’re really happy. There was a really good turnout.
DM: It was full capacity for us especially at one o’clock.
MJ: Yeah we were expecting half full, maybe three quarters full, but it was packed. Couldn’t get any more people in.
ML: Ah well if you listen to the reaction when certain bands were mentioned, you guys were one of the ones to watch.
MJ: Really? Great stuff!
ML: Yeah we saw you guys open for Steel Panther a couple of years ago and for us, we had to find out who you guys were. It’s not very often a support group gets that much of reaction. You got everyone into it from the moment you walked on stage.
MJ: It was a really good tour for us actually

ML: To be fair, you’ve had some pretty epic tours so far. I mean Kiss, Motley Crue….
DM: That was amazing; we couldn’t believe how we got on that tour. Basically Nikki Sixx, God knows how, found our video for Drink, F*ck, Fight posted it on his Twitter and played the track on Sixx Sense. It got such a good reaction that they decided to put us on the tour with them & Kiss. That was literally how it happened.
MJ: The biggest fluke ever!
DM: We had no idea. We found out on Twitter! Nikki Sixx just announced “I’d just like to let everyone know that The Treatment will be joining us on tour”.
MJ: We were literally in the back of the van coming back from the Glasgow Steel Panther show and it was like “Are we seeing this, is this real”?! It was just unreal.

ML: How do the tours differ between the US and here?
DM: It’s unreal
MJ: It’s a different thing entirely.
DM: We had a full tour bus with eight bunks and we couldn’t believe it.
MJ: We were more comfortable on the bus than we are at home.
DM: We had the opportunity to sleep in hotels but none of us wanted to leave the bus.
MJ: I think we stayed in five hotels the whole time we were out there.
DM: We had a flat screen TV, Air conditioning, wifi, just everything you could possibly need. It was like a house.
MJ: We’re back in a transit now though

ML: Is there a broken wing mirror?
MJ: We’ve had to rent this one so it’s alright
DM: Our one’s a mess! We’ve had to have it gutted recently because the whole floors rotted through basically. The front passenger seat is so much lower than it should be!

ML: So how’s the tour with Airbourne?
MJ: We’ve done one date so far but it’s really really good! We’re not competitive but we’ve really got to keep up with them. We try and raise the bar that little bit more.

ML: What’s your funniest moment so far?
MJ: We had a funny moment with Joel before the tour. We supported Status Quo and on the last day, he and Ryan came to the show. They were buying T shirts and we were like “That’s Joel & Ryan from Airbourne, we should really get a picture for Facebook”. So we called them over, took the photo and started chatting and Joel, who’d clearly been drinking at this point. We said that they should join us for the party in the VIP bar afterwards. He said yeah, but then he & Ryan pretty much had a punch up in front of us.
DM: I think Ryan wanted to go back to the hotel but Joel wanted to carry on drinking. So we left them arguing and went over to the VIP bar and when we got there, Joel was already there!
MJ: He beat us to it! So the night carried on and we ended up taking him back to the hotel in our van singing ACDC songs. It was great.

ML: We were obviously going to move on to worst moments but I think with recent events you guys have had some pretty low moments
MJ: yeah the last couple of weeks have been hard
DM: We had two weeks to find a new guitarist and teach him the songs. It was a pretty savage time for us ‘cuz Ben had been with us for seven years, but his Dad became terminally ill so he decided that he wanted to spend the last few months with him.

ML: So has Jake (Pattinson) fitted in well already?
MJ: Yeah he’s slotted in really nicely. He’s a good player, he’s a good guy, he’s young so a similar age to us. Everything ended amicably with Ben.
DM: There’s no ill feeling it was just an awkward situation. The last thing we could have done at the point was to cancel the tour. It was just way too late in the day.
MJ: I was even trying to learn the guitar parts so we could carry on.
DM: There was even the suggestion that my Dad who plays guitar and produces us was going to stand at the side of the stage and play. Eventually though, we had to announce it so we wrote it on our facebook and within a day we had 150 guitar players say they wanted to do it. We saw Jake and he had the right image so we asked him.

ML: How did you narrow it down?
MJ: We asked for youtube videos of them playing. They needed to be a similar age, able to play, the right attitude. We had a couple of guys audition that were great players but they weren’t convincing. We wanted someone to come in and be like “let’s do this!” and that’s exactly what Jake did. He fits in, he’s got a warped sense of humour.

ML: Has he moved in yet?
MJ: Yeah pretty much
DM: He’s spent the last two weeks at our house

ML: Does it work all under the same roof?
DM: It’s the only way to do it. If you look at bands like ACDC, Metalica, Def Leppard, The Sex Pistols, they all lived together.
MJ: We’re all the best of friends and we gel together.
DM: We’re a family.

ML: Do you have moments where you want to kill each other?
MJ: Of course yeah! You can’t live together and not have arguments
DM: It’s like any family.
MJ: There’s a bit of arguing about the end of the toilet roll and who gets the next roll. There are a few people in our house that leave an empty roll! We need to catch them in the act and put a camera in the loo. No wait that’s a bit wrong!

ML: So for anyone who doesn’t know about you yet, how would you describe yourselves?
DM: A young energetic rock band.
MJ: We come from the old school like ACDC and that kind of stuff.
DM: The whole reason we do what we do is to go out and have fun. We hang out with our fans and stuff. There are people who have followed this band for the last four years and we just hang around and have a beer with them.
MJ: It’s like meeting up with old friends. We’re all in it because we like rock n roll music and the guys watching aren’t any different than the guys playing the music.
DM: It’s those people that are getting us where we are. Without people coming to see us and buying our merch, we wouldn’t get to the next show.
MJ: We want to show our appreciation for that.

ML: You guys seem to have skyrocketed out of nowhere really. Is that the reality?
MJ: Yeah pretty much. It’s gone crazy for us really.
DM: I think it will get a lot crazier when the second album comes out.
MJ: We’re so proud of it.
DM: If anyone liked the first album they’re gonna be amazed by the second one.
MJ: We don’t want to sound big headed, but we’re so, so proud of it
DM: When we recorded the first album I was 17. The difference between then and now going on tour with Alice Cooper, Kiss, Motley Crue, you’re just gonna improve without even realising. When we got into the studio the second time around it just came so much more naturally to us.

ML: Have you encountered any kid of negativity because of your ages?
DM: In the early days, no one took us seriously.
MJ: People saw us as more of a boy band cuz we were so young and fresh faced but we’ve all grown up now. I can grow a beard!
DM: Thing is, people say we’re young and we’re babies and stuff but there are people in their thirties that I can guarantee wouldn’t be able to handle being in a van with us. We don’t have regular sleep or eat properly. People criticise bands, but when people are doing it for the little money that there actually is now, it’s hard. So I think any band that’s out there at the moment deserves some respect.

ML: Have you guys got your eye on any up and coming bands that are around at the moment?
MJ: We’re on tour next February with Cage the Gods.
DM: The Jett Black boys are really good.
MJ: We’re on the same label so we know the guys really well. Four Wheel Drive are really good too and they’re a similar kind of thing.
DM: Buffalo Summer are always good too.
MJ: There are a few bands starting to do stuff now that are really good.
DM: There’s definitely more of a scene now.
MJ: It’ll only take one band to break through to carry the rest
DM: At the minute all the kids are just trying to be Asking Alexandria, which has its place, but when you see so many bands that have the same image you lose track of who’s who. Thing is with classic rock bands, everyone has a character. Like Black Spiders, you know every one of those guys. I just think that there just needs to be one of us to break through and the rest will surge through and the whole scene will just skyrocket! The whole kind of hardcore metal scene is so viral on the internet; the classic rock side just gets overlooked a lot.

ML: 2014 looks like a really busy year for you guys. Headline tour, new album and a new single. Any ideas which one you’re going to release first?
MJ: I think it’s going to be “I Bleed Rock n Roll” cuz we’ve just released the video for that, but then it could be “Emergency”. We haven’t decided for definite. The album should be out February time to coincide with the tour.
DM: Every song on the album is as strong as the next one

ML: Is the tour UK only or are you venturing over to Europe?
MJ: UK at the moment but we’re hoping to try Europe as well, but again we don’t know completely yet.
DM: The last headline show we did we had half of the crowd on the stage with us. They do get pretty messy. When we’re allowed to put on the full show we like to get the audience up but obviously when it’s someone else’s show you can’t really do that.
MJ: When it’s someone else’s show obviously the crowd are mainly there to see them, but on our own shows it literally goes crazy!

ML: Well we won’t hold you up any longer but thanks so much for talking to us and thanks for a great show.
MJ: Thanks for having us.
ML: We’re looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham next year.
MJ: Make sure you come and say hello, it’s been a pleasure.

The Treatment

Interview and Photograph by Mark Lloyd (Amplified Gig Photography)