The Remedy

Stick To Your Guns’ – EP Review.

I’m a little late to the party in reviewing The Remedy’s EP ‘Stick To Your Guns’ as this little beauty has been scorching the rock ‘n roll airwaves since September of last year. But when all is said and done, good music never looses its enjoyment factor so luckily for me, getting my paws on this EP was definitely better late than never!

The Remedy first set off on their hard rocking journey a couple of years ago, and after a significant line up change earlier this year, these guys are now well and truly back on track and walking that great sleazy rock walk well!

The Remedy - Stick To Your Guns

With each and every listen to this EP, I found myself getting quite caught up in the energy that it captures and combined with the shear quality of the recording itself, this review really has been a self indulgent pleasure in the making.

The Remedy’s style of rock is readily associated with decadent guitar riffs and sky scraping vocals and without doubt, there is an abundance of both running right through the core of each and every track on this EP. Chris Hingley is definitely a master of the axe with ‘Gimme A Drink’ and ‘Trouble’ containing in my opinion, the two most outstanding riffs of this EP and based on these tracks alone, I really have got to see this band live! I’m mindful that given the line up changes, the recorded vocals on the EP are those of former lead singer Gaz Davies but never the less, he still deserves notable mention as at times, the notes he hits are nothing less than fearless – go check out ‘Stick To Your Guns’ and you’ll hear what I mean!

Favourite track on the EP for me has to be ‘Firestarter’ for the one simple reason that it is drummed to perfection! Greg Hingley delivers some pretty nifty stick and foot work on this track which undoubtedly sits perfectly in the mix. I could probably say the same about the drumming on ‘Alki Val’ aswell, as his attack here is no less intense either!

This EP gets the early evolution of The Remedy off to a flying start and with the bands current line up consisting of Tommy Stix on Lead Vocals, Chris Hingley and Josh Handley on guitars/backing vocals, Jake Godsall on bass and Greg Hingley on drums, I can’t wait to hear what will come next!

EP Track Listing: 1. On With The Show 2. Firestarter 3. Alki Val 4. Stick To Your Guns 5. Trouble 6. Gimme A Drink

Review by Sue Wardle.