The Electric Boys

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 19th September 2014.

There were four very good reasons why tonight was destined to be nothing short of unmissable, with those reasons being Theia, The Remedy, Bad Touch and undoubtedly, the outstanding Electric Boys as a line up such as this, is one that doesn’t happen every day.

First band up on stage this evening and intent on setting the measure high for those support bands yet to follow, were Burton-on Trent’s finest, Theia. Rock ‘n’ Roll dressed in it’s finest attire was the order of the night for this young band, and deliver they certainly did as every note, song and move was an absolute a pleasure for the early audience to behold. A superb start to this evening thanks to Theia and I shall look forward to seeing them back again at The Slade Rooms later in the year!


Earlier in the year I had the chance to review The Remedy‘s EP ‘Stick To Your Guns’ and with that in mind, I was very much hoping to hear and see some tracks from it performed tonight. I was not to be disappointed at all on that score as their set list included four of it’s six tracks., but song of the night for me from them, had to be ‘Dog House Blues’ which was a powerhouse of a song! If this is the kind of material that the new line up is producing, then we have much more to look forward to from The Remedy.

The Remedy

The main tour support for the Electric Boys and penultimate band of the night, were the Norfolk based band, Bad Touch and in them I saw the perfect example of how perseverance combined with natural born ability does reap rewards for a hard working band. This year alone has seen them play several large festivals including Hard Rock Hell, Steelhouse Festival and Download no less, and as for the future, well these guys have November sewn up nicely as they are set to take to the stage again but this time in support of the mighty Tyketto!

Stevie Westwood - Bad Touch

Bad Touch’s set tonight was a first class performance as Stevie Westwood on vocals is one hell of a charismatic front man and as for Daniel Seekings on guitar, not only is he a master of the strings but he seemed to be completely engrossed in his playing which was an absolute pleasure to watch. As for their set list content, ‘Dr Heartbreak’ and ‘Down’ which feature on their album ‘Down And Out’ were sure fire highlights for me – and said album had to be purchased immediately!

Daniel Seekings - Bad Touch

The great Swedish funk metalness that is the Electric Boys, has been a familiar name on the international music scene since way back in 1988, and with original band members Conny Bloom and Andy Christell still steering this great incarnation, tonight’s performance was set to be nothing short of sheer authentic delight.

Andy Christell - Electric Boys

With four great albums already to their name that produced ten single releases, their set list choice tonight must have been a hard one to make but with their recent album release ‘Starflight United’ being the focus of this tour, these new and relatively ‘unheard’ tracks were a big draw for me. I say ‘unheard‘ as sadly this album has not been released in Great Britain yet, but when it comes to the first song of tonight’s set ‘Spaced Out’, here we have a track that no-one should keep quiet about!

Conny Bloom - Electric Boys

No doubt about it, the Electric Boys were on top form tonight and the Slade Rooms audience was treated to a performance the likes of which was sheer class and I’m very much hoping we get the chance to see the Electric Boys back on a stage near us once again soon.

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.