The Defiled

The Defiled

With Support From The Killing Lights and Butcher Babes.

The Rescue Rooms Nottingham 8th February 2014.

Its Saturday Night, the black hair dye has been applied, the corpse paint has been rubbed all over your face and you’ve found your favourite black t-shirt and black leather jacket, so a night of Nu-metal it is then. Originally this gig was meant to be held in Rock Cities Basement Bar, but due to the popularity it got upgraded to The Rescue Rooms, which is a venue I really like. The question is, did the corpse paint run, as the queue of punters, around the block, waited for the doors to open, in the pissing down rain? This wasn’t going to deter these Defiled faithful though!

Metal Hammer posted that this gig was a “not to be missed event’ on their social media recently, and I agree, especially as this was the first night of “The Defiled’s” Home Coming Tour and after reading about one of the support bands, Butcher Babies, I was looking forward to this one. A big thanks goes out to Sean Larkin for the help ;)

First up, The Killing Lights, or is it Vampires Everywhere billed as the Killing Lights as it turns out, lead singer Michael use to be the vocalist for Vampires Everywhere, but felt he needed a new challenge. Hailing from the bright lights of Hollywood California, these guys are signed to Century Media Records and look the part, tattoos. check, long black hair, check, blistering vocals and wailing guitars check check check. I’ll be honest and say I was slightly distracted during their set, as my camera’s lens was playing up, so I spent most of my time frantically trying to get it to play ball!! What I did see and hear was very good, with lots of fist pumping and I think its safe to say they got the crowd warmed up!

Michael Vampire - The Killing Lights

Band consists of; Michael Vampire – Vocals, DJ Black – Guitar, Josh Ingram – Drums and Frankie Sil – Bass.

Tonight was a sell out show and everyone was now inside ready to witness the Butcher Babies. I’d literally only just read about this band, two days before in fact and its safe to say I was intrigued! So is the rest of the music industry, it seems, as these guys are hot property right now! The two front woman have been blessed with just that, a good front, but use it to their advantage in an intelligent way, both are well educated with Carla even having a degree in mortuary, so don’t piss her off or you could come to a swift end!  They became despondent with a male dominated industry and decided to form a band with the soul purpose to shock, whilst sticking two fingers up at anyone who disapproves of what they love to do, ROCK!

Heidi Shepherd - Butcher Babes

The Band consists of; Heidi Shepherd- Vocals, Carla Harvey- Vocals, Henry Flury- Guitar, Jason Klein- Bass and Chrissy Warner- Drums.

Also from LA and signed to Century Media Records, a label not scared to promote the more extreme bands, and doing so with great success.

In the article I read, both Heidi and Carla pay homage to a Wendy O’ Williams, who’s sadly no longer with us, saying how much of an inspiration she was to them and is a big contributor to who they’ve become today.

To say these two are extreme is an understatement, their energy on stage is phenomenal and the windmilling of hair is endless! I bet their chiropractor is working his/her fingers to the bone (get it! lol)! Its true, these ladies are utter bombshells and keep themselves in great shape, but don’t let their looks fool you, if you aint prepared to go hard, I suggest you go home!

Butcher Babes

I’m afraid I haven’t got a clue what their set list was tonight, but I imagine most of it came from their debut album, ‘Goliath’ which is, well, as hard as f**k, I love it with my favourite track being ‘In Denial’ and its available now!!!! Be sure to catch this amazing band as they continue on with The Killing Lights and The Defiled throughout the tour in February, if you haven’t got a ticket yet, then I suggest you hurry the hell up!

Love them or Loath them, The likes of Black Vail Brides have paved the way for this new generation of Nu-metallers, however, The Defiled being slightly different are hell bent on taking over the world!

Aaron Curse - The Defiled

The Defiled have been around since 2005, but little of them was known to me until they signed to Nuclear Blast (nearly two years to the day), as it was then I first came into contact with this band. I first took note when I received their promo video “As I Drown” which really kicked me in the balls, so job well done then! The Defiled are much loved by many by their fans and other professional musicians it seems, and have toured with some great bands in the past including Black Spiders, Gorjia, Ghost and Skindred.

Consisting of; Stitch D – Vocals & Guitar, The AvD – Programming/Keys & B. Vocals, Aaron Curse – Guitar, Vincent Hyde – Bass and Needles – Drums.

The AvD - The Defiled

Being known for their chaotic live shows, these fit young men went about the stage as though possessed and in response, the crowd reciprocated and did the same.

A moment that tickled me was when Synth player, known as The AVD addressed the crowd, stating that “The next song goes out to a friend, thanks for stealing all my shit when I gave you a place to stay, fuck you pal!” so I think it’s fair to say AVD is a real character, yet a charmer and true showman, who also dealt with a heckler very well. A guy in the crowd, slightly inebriated kept asking for a kiss, so AVD jumped off stage and did just that, well, it shut him up at least! hahaha!

The venue usually has a strict “No Surfing” policy, but The Defiled, being the rebels they are, were hell bent on destroying the place – just as their name suggests and wanted the crowd to help, so they proceeded to entice them over the barrier with shots of Jagermeister, much to the two security guards manning the barriers delight!

Tonight was an awesome display of power, music and performances – a must see gig for any true Nu-Metal music fan, BOOM!

Stitch D - The Defiled

The Defiled’s set list consisted of; 1. Sleeper  2. As I Drown  3. The Resurrectionists  4. New Approach  5. Black Death  6. No Place Like Home  7. Blood Sells  8. Unspoken  9. Five Minutes  10. In The Land Of Fools  11. Call To Arms.

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)