‘The Brightest Void’ Release Date 3rd June 2016.

Tarja is back with not one but two new albums!!! The ex-Nightwish singer has returned with more powerful vocals and great instrumental sounds that will blow your mind. The Brightest Void is a taster of what is to come from Tarja and if anything, it will leave you wanting more.

Tarja - The Brightest Void

The Brightest Void has some great tracks, all with mind blowing vocals from Tarja herself and it also has a fantastic cover based upon ‘Gold Finger’ originally by Shirley Bassey. This album kicks off with ‘Bitter Ends’ which has powerful melting guitar riffs, heavy bass and a catchy drum rhythm. To get a taste of this track and more of what the album has instore for you, check out the video below.

The album also features appearances from other famous artists like Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) in the track ‘Heaven and Hell’ which demonstrates the amazing vocals of both singers. Also featured on the album in the track ‘Eagle Eye’, Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith can be found doing what he does best, playing the drums and finally we hear ‘Paradise’ by within Temptation which Tarja featured on.

So prepare for the 3rd June, to get this great album and a taste of Tarja.

Review by Matthew York.