R.I.B – Album Review.

If you like your music fast, ferocious and old school then you have come to the right place. Tankard are back with album 16……16!!! Its incredible when you think about it. These guys have been thrashing it about since 1982 and in a good way, they still sound like they are there….in the 80’s. All the old influences are there, Kreator, Death, Maiden, Metallica to name a few. This makes no apologies for what it is – honest, balls out heavy metaaaaal!!! Even the production has an old school vibe – just rough enough, just clear enough, perfect!

R.I.B - Tankard

‘R.I.B’ picks up from where the 2012 release ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’ left off and doesn’t stop running. Opener ‘War Cry’ has a sort of classical Metallica feel but this doesn’t last and then we’re into the real filth, breakneck riffing and frantic drums with Anfreas Geremia bellowing out “War Cry” with such anger, it makes me want to either cower in the corner in fear and/or join in!

The title track (Rest In Beer) is the first obvious beer reference, which is something that has been present throughout the German bands history….and it isn’t the last. This has an awesome druid style chant in the middle of it which you just know will go down a storm live especially when it returns at the end of the song.

‘Riders Of The Doom’ is one of my personal favorites with its galloping riff work and big hooky chorus will make it a sure fan favourite on the live circuit.

From start to finish it is a feast of riffs, harmonies and big chorus’s, ‘Hope Can Die’ and ‘Breakfast for Champions’ fully equipped with all of the former and also hint at a band that does not take the itself too seriously with lyrics such as “Give me what I need today/liver you will have to pay”.

Check-out the video ‘Rest In Beer’.

I really enjoyed this and can only imagine it’s just as good, if not better live but it’s not just a balls out, thrashy album, it’s full of different grooves throughout which really keeps it interesting. Tankards 16th album RIB does exactly what it says on the (beer) tin so grab another pint and bang your heads!!


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