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Announce details of their upcoming EP and reveal artwork!

XVII are a five piece metal outfit from Kidderminster, West Midlands. The band formed in 2012 and they play fast, heavy, full on METAL! With influences from the likes of In Flames, Lamb Of God, Devildriver and Caliban, amongst many others. XVII have moulded their sound to create an intense and crushing live experience.

Following on from the 2015 release ‘From The Ashes’, XVII set out to release a new EP this year that shows off their heavier side. They have listened to the reactions that they received from fans and critics at their live performances at Bloodstock Open Air 2015 and Hard Rock Hell Metal 2017 and have put together a three track EP which has blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats and fierce screamed vocals.

The three track EP is titled ‘Bow To Me’ and will be released on Monday 6th November 2017 in digital and physical formats.

The EP consists of three tracks:

    1. Shatter The Waves.
    2. Bow To Me.
    3. Scorned.

Shatter The Waves” which is the single, this is a song that doesn’t let up throughout with the three vocalists in the band mixing their vocal styles to create a high velocity metal anthem.

The title track ”Bow To Me” which portrays a darker side to the band with vocals that are fast paced yet include melodic sections. Lyrically the track focuses on the demons that people carry around with them on a daily basis and how they deal with them.

”Scorned” is a track that has become a fan favourite when performed live, the band have said “For us, we feel that Scorned brings the curtain down on the chaos, musically and lyrically.”

A quote from Ben, the band’s drummer on their new EP!

“We feel that ‘Bow To Me’ is a better representation of what the band is all about, it includes all the good stuff from our last EP, whilst showing how the band has progressed, musically and personally.”

XVII are:

  • Vaughan Bennett – Vocals.
  • Matt Sewell – Guitar and backing vocals.
  • Rhys Cullis – Guitar.
  • Kieran Fox – Bass.
  • Ben Dunn – Drums.

Welcome To XVII official facebook and Youtube.

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Midlands Metal Crusade VI

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 26th November 2016.

There are some events that will never fail to be highlights of my year and The Midlands Metal Crusade is one of them, as events such as this bring together so many of the great bands who are loved and supported throughout the area and ultimately, it is a showcase for the local music scene at it’s finest.

Today’s line up will see eight bands take to the stage at The Slade Rooms here in Wolverhampton and getting this impressive event underway, were Exiles Of Elysium. In the company of an enthusiastic and eager audience, these five guys rolled out an adrenaline packed set with the savage lead vocals of Andy Horton, faultless to the core.

Andy Horton - Exiles of Elysium

And keeping the momentum rising were our second band of the day, Devil’s Playground. When you consider that these guys and gal have only been together since December 2015, the level of admiration and support that they’ve already achieved, speaks volumes about the music and stage presence that this talented band possess. Today’s eight song set from Devil’s Playground fitted the bill perfectly and without any doubt at all, confirmed that these guys are a band to watch out for.

The Midlands Metal Crusade first came to fruition back in 2013 and one of the many great bands who have repeatedly supported it, are XVII. Today’s set from the band saw them raging at full throttle with their merciless riffs and vocals making for one hell of a great performance but no surprises there, as anything less than 100% from XVII, just ain’t gonna happen!

Vaughan Bennett - XVII

Our next band of the day were Black Ink Sun and given the speed at which their reputation is growing, this band were one who were definitely not to be missed. Consumed within a turmoil of writhing aggression, their sound and style is rapturously feral and had the audience firmly within it’s grip, throughout the entirety of the set. I can only echo the good words that have already been said about Black Ink Sun and I hope that the new year brings them back up this way again – sharpish!

With the Midlands Metal Crusade having raced past it’s midway point, there was no time or chance to exhale, as the momentum within The Slade Rooms was still rising fast, for the awesomeness that is Haerken. As a wee sproggling, I loved nothing more than to be spirited away by a captivating storybook and for me, Haerken possess that same quality, as within each and every performance of theirs, there is a dramatic adventure to behold. Tonight’s set not only saw Haerken commanding the stage but also gave rise to an Evil Scarecrow and brother in arms, Monty Blitzfist joining them for a song or two, which truly went down a storm.

Laird Logan Haerken

With the event now running slightly behind schedule, not a moment was left to waste and the fast paced thrash of Eradikator was set to drive the night on with exceptional dexterity. Drenched with a torrent of adrenaline, the intricacy and detail of their twin riff attacks was all consuming and tonight’s set from the band saw them on absolute peek form, with the atmosphere on stage rolling off stage aswell and producing a sea of fists pumping the air. For me, this was Eradikator at their finest and an absolute pleasure to behold.

Liam Priest - Eradikator

Over the years, I’ve had the great privilege of photographing and reviewing Martyr De Mona on many an occasion, so for me and many others here at The Slade Rooms tonight, this evenings set from the band was destined to be a bitter/sweet one as after a hefty ten years of making some pretty outstanding music, this was going to be their last performance… ever. To say that emotions were running high is an understatement but true to form, when the going gets tough, Martyr De Mona have always stood tall and tonight these guys owned the stage like giants!

Louis Hale - Martyr de Mona

With former band member Ant Rickett also making a guest appearance, the years rolled back with ease, with the warmth and recognition ringing out in the audiences appreciation at the end of each and every song. With such a wealth of anthems to MDM’s name, it’s hard to imagine how one track could stand out in tonight’s set but their final song of the night ‘Gravity Breaks’ made for the most lasting of memories, because if ever a song was written in the innocence of how poignant it’s lyrics would become, then this song is it. Martyr De Mona will without doubt be missed but here’s wishing that whatever light shines on their future, it will be a very bright one indeed.

The metal genre has produced a wealth of hero’s and amongst that list you can’t fail but find our Crusade headliners, as Evil Scarecrow are what I would classify as legends in their own universe. The live experience of Evil Scarecrow is one which has always left me grinning from ear to ear and quite often speechless, and with that probability fixed firmly in mind, the madness and mirth commenced!

Dr Rabid Hell - Evil Scarecrow

From the moment that Evil Scarecrow set foot on stage, the audience were electric and I think that it’s fair to say that Evil Scarecrow set out to enjoy their time on stage as much as their fans did. Just as I’d hoped, we were all swept up by their all consuming aura and none more so than in the company of ’Crabulon’, which saw the audience pinching the air and furtively scuttling across the Slade Rooms like their lives depended on it! And of all the Crusades that I’ve attended over the years, tonight’s finale was most definitely one of a kind.

This Midland Metal Crusade has definitely been a highlight of my year and when it comes down to making an excellent day like today happen, the contribution of so many is key to it’s success. Thanks must go out to all the bands for getting up there and raising the roof, the audience for keeping live music live, the staff at The Slade Rooms and Wolverhampton Civic for providing an excellent home for the Midlands Metal Crusade and also the Sound/lighting engineers for keeping us all rocking.

Big thumbs up must go out to Tony Gaskin aswell for joining the dots up on stage and of course, to the Mother of Metal herself, Hils, whose tireless commitment to the metal scene is truly awesome. x

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 24th September 2016.

Tonight see’s the metal spotlight focusing very brightly on the awesome line up over at the O2 Academy3, where Hils Ovation is playing host to XVII, One For Sorrow, Pilla, Construct and Parkhurst.

Getting tonight’s gig underway were the Kidderminster based band, Parkhurst who are making great headway in raising their profile through the deliverance of their homespun and hardcore punk. It is always great to see a band on stage who are enjoying the moment as much as their audience and that was exactly how Parkhurst rolled tonight.


Our second band of the evening were Construct and here we have a band that is definitely built for brutality, as their set tonight was adrenaline packed from the start to finish. Front man Callum Howle has a voice and on stage persona that is made for metal and one thing for sure – Construct were natural born killers tonight!


There are some bands whose performance will leave you with a memorable impression and then there are others who have the potential to scar you for life and our third band of the night, Pilla, sit firmly in that second category! Without doubt, these guys own their metal on stage but the blood thirsty and eerie presence of front man Luke Osborne really is something to experience and I strongly suggest that you do just that, as these guys are in a league of their own!


The last time I had the pleasure of seeing One For Sorrow, it was way back in February 2015 when they played here at the O2 Academy3, so I have to admit I was pretty chuffed to see the band back in Birmingham again tonight. One For Sorrow deliver stoner groove with a fist full of attitude that is always relentless in its delivery and that was exactly what we got tonight!


There is nothing finer than to see a band reap what they sow and over the past few years, the Midlands metal scene has seen tonight’s headliners XVII do just that. XVII posses the kind of raw energy that radiates with a force to be reckoned with and tonight’s set from the band went down an absolute storm.


You can catch XVII live again at the Midlands Metal Crusade on the 26th November over at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton and also at HRH Metal back here at the O2 Academy in February next year, so get those dates in your diary as XVII are not to be missed!


Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.