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Rock City Basement Nottingham 27th May 2015.

Tonight’s gig could be perceived as showcasing new beginnings, what with As Lions and Wovenwar both starting out as relatively new bands as a whole, but they do in fact have a wealth of experience as I’ll waffle on and demonstrate.

First up, Famous for Nothing and as stated before, this really is a great name for a band, I’ve come across these guys a few times now, whilst on my travels. This six piece metalcore band should feel right at home here as they are from Nottingham however, I’m unsure if they’ve played here at the mighty Rock City before – even if it was only the Basement Bar where this venue has staged many a fine act over the years.

Admittedly their style of music is very popular and many are doing it well. If you’re a fan of Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying, then you’ll love a bit of these guys! Speaking of which, I bet there were a few nerves tonight, what with headlining act featuring three previous members of the latter band I just mentioned!

Sam Barson - Famous For Nothing

I really like this bands energy, both on and off the stage. Off it, they are polite and always speak to me when on the stage. If I was to offer a bit of advice, I’d say, to Sam especially that he should have more confidence when addressing the crowd. If he doesn’t believe in himself and the band, no one else will! To AJ, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing, your energy is fantastic. To the two2 guitarists, I’d say look up and seem as if you’re enjoying yourselves more, I’m sure deep down you are, just show the crowd you are!

Set List: 1. Sins of the father 2. Frozen Throne 3. Mark of Kain 4. Holding out for a Hero 5. Fade Away 6. Leap of Faith

Next up were “As Lions” who are new to me but many know of this band, for the simple fact that the lead singer is non other that Bruce Dickinson’s (Iron Maiden) son, Austin Dickinson. These guys are from London and formed sometime this year, so I’m not too slow off the mark! At first I was impressed with the way the band conducted themselves on stage, they tried to get the crowd moving and enjoying themselves. I always feel a little awkward when a band calls for the crowd to move closer to the stage but they actually move further away, it can’t be nice for them. Austin’s reply was to climb on top of the speaker stack to try and entice people to move more but the most the crowd could muster for these guys were a few cheers after each song!

Stefan Whiting - As Lions

As the set went on, I found myself getting bored as every track seamlessly linked with the last, so the set sounded like one long song. Austin’s clearly had some schooling from his father as his voice is very powerful, but he seems to only use it in one particular way for each and every track! In truth, I wasn’t that impressed. NEXT!

Austin Dickinson - As Lions

Admittedly, I never saw the band “As I lay Dying” live, in fact, I didn’t know an awful lot about them, until the fiasco surrounding the bands “then” vocalist Tim Lambesis hit the wide spread media when he was jailed for 6 years, late on into 2014. Rather than continue on without Lambesis, Mancino, along with ex-members Phil Sgrosso, Nick Hipa, and Josh Gilbert, decided to focus on a different style of music under a different band name, Wovenwar, with Shane Blay as the vocalist.

Where “As Lions” failed to beckon the crowd forward, these guys merely had to take to the stage and a mass surge forward followed. They introduced themselves as Wovenwar, a band from San Diego, California, but everyone knew that!

Jordan Mancino - Wovenwar

Lead vocalist, Shane Bay is a rather large fellow – a powerhouse in fact, both vocally and in stature! Having self released their self titled debut album last year, fans of the band have had plenty of time to familiarise themselves with the lyrics, lyrics they sang every word of back to the band, to every track played tonight. Although the room wasn’t completely full, it didn’t sound that way, which was a surprise if I’m honest, especially when you consider how popular the band As I Lay Dying” were. What I always find interesting though, especially with musicians of this calibre, is how quickly word spreads.

Shane Blay - Wovenwar

Although many were not in attendance tonight, I bet by the end of this five date tour of the UK, which ends in Glasgow, the crowds will steadily grow as word spreads!

With all the drama surrounding these guys and their previous band, I found it commendable that they called it a day and decided to take a new path in their musical career. Personally, I love the new album and tonight’s performance was top notch! I expect to see the name Wovenwar cropping up on many of the larger festival bills soon!

Josh Gilbert - Wovenwar

Set List: 1. Intro 2. The Mason 3. Death to Rights 4. Sight of Shore 5. Profane 6. Identity 7. Archers 8. Moving Up 9. Matter of Time 10. Tempest 11. Prophets 12. Foreword 13. All Rise 14. Onward

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)