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Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 29th July 2017.

Tonight’s Hils Ovation event see’s me heading back to the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham, which has fast become a regular haunt for up and coming bands and this evenings line up is one that is most definitely one not to be missed!

Opening up tonight were ‘The Dalliance’ and I gotta say, it was pretty cool to see a couple of familiar faces up there on stage namely Jamie Downes and Harry Colley as these two guys absolutely rock and have a pretty cool pedigree when it comes down to delivering some great rock n roll. With this being the bands fourth gig, you could forgive any errors or nerves taking over but that was never going to be the case as these guys were under starters orders and served up a prime selection of great songs and a wealth of hearty vocals from start to finish. Get these guys on your radar and be sure to check them out live first chance you get.

Next up were WAVE and I’ve been looking forward to seeing these guys as not only does what I’d heard of their music sound good but after seeing their recent video about the show tonight, I’m also a fan of Gerty – as that Guinea Pig rocks! No Gerty tonight but with the might of Dave Musson (Guitar and Vocals) and Will Stokes (Drums) combined, WAVE certainly lacked for nothing and I especially liked the fact that Dave is the kind of performer who makes the most of the stage and the opportunity to get the audience involved. As far as trying to describe their sound goes, I heard the influence of rock, metal and a twist of punk that should definitely please a wide range of tastes. Highlight of their set tonight for me was a song about Stephen King, simply called ‘Stephen‘ which is definitely an unusual focus for any lyrics but undeniably worked. WAVE released their ‘Jurassic Parkour’ EP in June of this year and after giving it many a repeat play, I would highly recommend that you go treat yourself to a copy.

Our third band of the night were ‘Tear it Down’ – and that’s exactly what they did! Lavishing the O2 with an abundance of their classic rock and blues, these guys positively brought the room to life and the audience were certainly keen to show their praise and support for tonight’s set from the band.

Our fourth and penultimate band for tonight were ‘Treeherder’ and by name alone, they categorically conjure up a wealth of wonder as to what one might expect. Describing themselves as Alternative/Stoner, they unmistakably provoke the thought process and I have to say that I like that very much. Through both their lyrics and melody, this trio tell the stories held from within the social conscious of these guys and I felt that tonight’s set portrayed exactly what it is that make this band tick perfectly.

It hasn’t been that long since I saw ‘Unchanged’ here at the o2 Academy at another of Hils Ovation’s gigs and with the memory of that last set still firmly fixed in my mind, I was just a little bit chuffed to see them back here again but this time as tonight’s headlining band. Hailing from the West Midlands this four piece cut quite an impression this evening and not just with me, as their audience appeared to magically grow from out of thin air. As with their previous set, the voice of Adam Martin is quite captivating and with new material blossoming from the band, they are making giant steps in exactly the right direction. Tonight’s set included a new track titled ‘Slippin Away‘ which has nothing less than a mammoth sound in total and if this is the shape of things to come, then Unchanged look set to be very busy over the forthcoming months!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.