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Self Titled EP

Wardance are a Brit-rock trio based in London. Taking influences from 90s rock bands such as Nirvana, Weezer and early Soundgarden. They have a heavy sound with thick guitars, lo fi vocals and monstrous bass, so if you are a fan of 90s grunge scene then Wardance are definitely for you.

Release date 2nd October 2015.

This is Wardance’s debut EP and packs a punch from start to finish. The lead singer and guitarist Josh Newton has a distinctive voice sounding like Kurt Cobian with his own personal style added to it. The drums, which are played by Mike Dodd are heavy with great rhythm and make you just want to thrash your head around to the beat.

The first song on the EP is ‘Free Radicals’. This song starts with such impact, going straight into a heavy drum rhythm, thick guitar riffs with the backing of strong vocals and thundering base. The bass guitar, which is played by Tom Madica has a thick thudding sound throughout this song, making it stand out and it really gets you rocking!!!!!

‘Reality’ is the second song off the EP and also has a powerful drum beat and powerful vocals. This song speaks in volumes of noise with the lyrics near enough shouted at you. This song is the one for Nirvana listeners alike with heavy drums, guitar and thundering base.

‘Guiding Light’ is more of a softer sound with hi- fi vocals, light guitar playing and softer vocals at the start which soon liven up. The song then explodes into heavy guitar and strong vocals from Josh Newton. I would say this song is a head bangers dream and could become a classic in the grunge scene.

‘Come Alive’ is the last song on the EP and even though it may be the last, it is by no means the least and could become a hit in the future. This song has a catchy drumbeat which makes you want to tap your feet or mosh around the room. As with the rest of the EP,  it has powerful vocals and guitar throughout.

Wardance EP

All in all, this is a great EP from the band and makes you want to listen to them more and more with each time you play it. If this EP is the beginning then it makes you wonder what they have got planned for the future, so I would say this is a band to look out for.

Review by Matthew York.