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Vicious Nature

With support from Pork and Whore No More.
The Giffard Wolverhampton 23rd September 2017.

When tickets for a gig sell out months in advance, they do so for good reason and when you have Vicious Nature set to headline, then it really doesn’t come as any great surprise as time after time, these guys always knock an amazing live performance right out of the ball park.

Also featured on tonight’s bill were Pork and this is the second time that I’ve seen them here at the Giffard in the past month, with their first live performance previously having made for quite an impression. Joe Foster, Porks frontman and guitarist has the kind of vitality that fills the room and is a perfect match for the bands audacious stoner infused grunge that certainly went down well with tonight’s audience. As far as up and coming bands go, Pork are ones to definitely check out and I strongly recommend that you do.

Our second support band of the night were Whore No More and I was actually quite stunned to learn that this was in fact their debut live performance, as there was absolutely no hint of nerves or hesitation to be seen in their set tonight, and I also must applaud Roxy Pearson for owning that stage like a boss tonight. The band are back at the Giffard this December when they will be supporting Sykko Dolls, so make a point of checking out them and this next gig, as Whore No More are a band you need to know about.

With many years of notable success notched up prior to Vicious Nature, this experience and talent categorically placed them ahead of the game, even from the bands first date of creation back in 2013. Since then, each and every year has seen them make significant strides forward in the right direction and notching up some blinding achievements which include the release of two EP’s, a DVD, a vinyl release of ‘Tacet Somnium’ and of course, last years performance at Bloodstock. I also can’t help but feel that the forthcoming and new CD release ‘Seven’ will also be added to that list and I will be keeping my eyes wide open for more news from the band about that.

There is one thing that no one will ever call a live performance from Vicious Nature and that is boring! Every second of every minute on stage is always rammed solid with something to capture the mind and then of course there is always that caustic sense of humour from the one and only, Andy Pyke. As for tonight’s set list, well that was one that the Giffard was most certainly all ears for and with their finest tracks included, I don’t think anyone could have asked for more. In addition to the prime metal delivered in tracks such as ‘Salvation, ‘Breathless‘ and ‘System Of Disorder‘, we were also given a hearty helping of Black Sabbath’s ‘Symptom Of The Universe’ aswell as the storming Marshall Law track ‘Leviathan’ but show stealers tonight for me were two new tracks ‘Psychotic‘ and ‘Rise Up‘ which will both feature on their forthcoming CD.

Tonight’s set list from Vicious Nature included:

  1. .Fight For Your Life
  2. Salvation
  3. Dream Stealer
  4. Bleeding
  5. Draggin Us Under
  6. Breathless
  7. System Of Disorder
  8. The Silence That Kills
  9. Psychotic
  10. Rise Up
  11. Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath)
  12. Leviathan (Marshall Law)

Next outing for Vicious Nature will be the Midlands Metal Crusade in Wolverhampton on the 25th November, so if you missed out on tickets to see them tonight, then don’t hang about to long before getting your tickets for that as that will be a day to remember for sure.

Big shout out also going in the direction of Damaged Rose Promotions for putting on one hell of a great night and also to James Prosser for doing an A+ job tonight with the sound and lighting.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 25th June 2016.

There was a host of good reasons to head on over to the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham tonight, as the latest Hils Ovation event was set to deliver a headlining set from Vicious Nature, along with some pretty impressive support from The Mighty Wraith, Spreading The Disease, Aramantus and Mallen.

The first band up on stage tonight and a firm favourite of mine, were the West Midlands based band, Mallen. Mallen’s signature sound is one of pure class that never fails to capture all the qualities of the heavy rock genre within a wealth of talent that these guys and gal possess. Tonight’s set from the band included tracks from their EP ’Ignite’ and also gave the O2 Academy3’s audience the opportunity to see them perform live, their forthcoming new single which is an absolute gem. If this is a taste of the new music that is about to emerge from the band, then positive things are set to happen to Mallen for sure!

Kelly Mallen and Dann Pritchard - Mallen

I’ve been hearing lots of good comments made about our next band Aramantus and tonight’s set was the first chance I’ve had to catch them in well over twelve months and with their current line up presenting Nyah Infill at the helm, believe you me – this band rocks! The band describe their music as progressive groove metal which certainly gives them a sound that will appeal to many and as for their performance tonight, they lacked nothing in their on stage ability either!

Nyah Infill - Aramantus

The are two things that you will never hear Spreading The Disease being described as – the first thing being boring and the second, being tame, as the energy that this band radiates on stage goes way beyond the meaning of intense. I think it’s also fair to say that it would take an exceptionally large stage to contain lead singer Adam May, as once that mic is in his hand he turns into a man on a mission to get as close to the audience as possible and when it comes down to making a connection with people, he definitely scored a big thumbs up at the O2 Academy3 tonight. This bands profile is growing fast so make sure to check them out first chance you get.

Adam May - STD

Our main support band for tonight were The Mighty Wraith and any which way you choose to take this band, whether that be live or listening to their recorded material, they always deliver metal that is loaded with charisma. Matt Gore is the kind of front man who always puts everything into his performance and tonight’s set from the band saw them clearly enjoying their time on stage as much as the audience did and when it comes down to capturing the very essence of live music, you really can’t hope for more than that!

Matt Gore - The Mighty Wraith

Tonight’s ultimate performance came courtesy of the West Midlands based metallers Vicious Nature and whenever these guys take to the stage, you are guaranteed a set that will leave you with a lasting impression every single time. The bands line up includes Andy Pyke (Vocals), Andy Southwell (Guitar + backing vocals), Mark Culley (Bass) and JB on Drums and between them, these guys notch up a collective history that resonates the impressive wealth of their ability.

Andy Southwell - Vicious Nature

With the added bonus of tonight being the chosen event to launch their new DVD ‘Ex Cineribus’, myself and all those present had further reason to be here and the bands appearance tonight not only gave us the chance to catch tracks from it performed live, but also to pick up a copy of this little beauty first hand.

It’s dam near impossible to identify a favourite track from Vicious Nature performance tonight as each song had a character of it’s own but I have to say that their delivery of the new single ‘The Silence That Kills’ went down an absolute storm, but then that is exactly how these guys roll.

Andy Pyke - Vicious Nature

I left the O2 Academy3 tonight one very happy bunny, with the added bonus of a freshly purchased DVD that delivers all which it promises and a quote from Andy Pyke that just about summed up tonight’s event – “ You’re coming to see the future, not the past”.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Graham Bonnet

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 12th February 2016.

There are many great artists whose contribution to the great halls of rock and roll has left a lasting impression and tonight the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, plays host to one very such person and that person being none other than Graham Bonnet.

Setting this evenings event off in fine form were Vicious Nature, whose current line up comprises of Andy Pyke – Vocals, Andy Southwell – Guitar, Mark Culley – Bass and Jon “JB’’ Brown on Drums. Swathed within the cool blue of The Slade Rooms stage lights, Vicious Nature’s set was rock hard with a collection of audience favourites including ‘Salvation’, ‘System Of Disorder’ and ‘Fight For Your Life’. A busy year lies ahead for the band so do make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook page to keep up to date with all their latest news!

Andy Pyke and Andy Southwell - Vicious Nature

Our second band of the night and main support throughout the tour were Evyltyde, who hail from the London area. Encapsulating the many great qualities of a lead singer, Hannah Delany has a voice and personality to match, which grabs your attention and holds fast and I for one, am certainly a new found fan after seeing their set tonight.

Hannah Delany - Evyltyde

Their eleven song set was a great introduction to Evyltyde’s style of classic metal, with the track ’Killer’ taken from their self titled album, being a highlight for me with it’s blistering guitar riffs courtesy of Mr Danny Merton.

Danny Merton - Evyltyde

With the time fast approaching for Graham Bonnet and band to take to the stage, conversations overheard from within The Slade Rooms audience ranged from debates over which song was his greatest achievement to what songs tonight’s set list might contain which in my opinion, clearly showed the level of appreciation that was roaming freely tonight.

And to the sound of loud cheers and applause the time soon came for the stories to unfold and the music to play and what a great journey through the tracks of time it was!

Graham Bonnet

Tonight’s set contained a hearty selection of tracks born out of Graham’s time with Rainbow, Alcatrazz and The Marbles and included ‘Eyes Of The World’, ‘Will You Be Home Tonight’ and ‘Only One Woman’ – and of course no set could possibly be complete without the timeless anthem ‘All Night Long’ .

Graham Bonnet and Conrado Pesinato

Full credit has to be given to Graham for his vocals tonight which were simply a pleasure to behold and praise must also be given to his band, whose performance this evening was first class.

Mark Zonder - Graham Bonnet Band

But as much as there was plenty to reflect and reminisce upon tonight whilst in the company of Graham Bonnet, there is yet another chapter still to be written this year with a brand new studio album heading our way, an authorised and illustrated biography about to be published and an April 2016 tour of Australia and New Zealand also on the horizon – so here‘s looking forward to all the new songs and stories still yet to come.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.