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Stone Broken

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 12th November 2016.

I think it’s fair to say that this evenings event is going to be quite a special one, as the growing buzz in the music scene around the up and coming band Stone Broken really has given them wings, and boy oh boy, here we have a band who are most definitely set to fly.

Tonight’s line up also includes three other rather excellent bands and getting this evenings event underway were Wicked Stone, who hail from the south east area of Kent. Wicked Stone sit sweetly within the southern style hard rock genre and have a melodic sound akin to that of Black Stone Cherry, which was a perfect match with tonight’s audience. Given that the band only formed last year, their ability and achievements together are impressive and based on their performance tonight, I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from them in times yet to come.


Next up and fresh from their success at Hard Rock Hell, were the Glasgow based band Mason Hill who are definitely another of the up and coming young bands to watch out for. The stand out aspect for me about the bands set tonight was the level of energy that they put into their performance as from my privileged position in the photo pit, the adrenaline which poured off that stage was quite astounding. Mason Hill are a great band to see live and I highly recommend that you do.


With just one final band set to play before our headliners took to the stage, The Slade Rooms was looking just about full to the rafters so it was amidst some mighty loud cheers and applause, that our penultimate band of the night Trucker Diablo took to the stage.

Trucker Diablo have been rocking the sound waves hard since 2008 and have the kind of history that can’t fail to impress with previous highlights for the band including supports with giants such as Foo Fighters, Terrorvision and Thin Lizzy to name only a few. That being said, these guys are no strangers to outstanding headlining performances in their own right, so seeing them here tonight was a bit of a treat in itself! From the first song to the last, Trucker Diablo and The Slade Rooms rocked and it’s always a pleasure to see a band and audience connect like that, as it’s that kind of atmosphere which captures the spirit of live music and making tonight’s set from the band, something pretty special to witness.


The past three years have seen Stone Broken’s popularity grow at an incredible rate and the fact that tonight’s audience was over 500 strong in numbers marks that fact well. And even though you could pretty much classify this as a hometown gig for the band, some of The Broken Army fans had travelled quite a distance to be here which gives an impressive indication of the growing interest that Stone Broken are currently generating across the UK.

For me, the magic of Stone Broken comes very much from the band members themselves. During the past three years I have seen Rich, Robyn, Kieron and Chris raise their own bar at every opportunity and never give anything less than 110%. With this firm focus now combined with the management of Peter Keevil, Stone Broken are turning their dreams and aspirations into reality and this undoubtedly is quite awesome to see.


And tonight, that focus was firmly fixed on making this an occasion to remember, with the bands energy and enthusiasm being completely addictive to watch.

Tonight’s set list saw Stone Broken’s debut album ‘All In Time’ played in it’s glorious entirety, which made for a very happy audience indeed. In addition to that, we were also privy to a sweet little taster of what album number two might sound like, in the form of two new tracks titled ‘Other Side Of Me’ and ‘Just A Memory’.


Stone Broken really are one of the brightest lights amongst up and coming new music and I really do recommend you go and see them live. The band are set to tour UK and Europe with Glenn Hughes in January/February 2017 so make sure to check their Facebook Page or website for details of where, when and how to get tickets!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Hard Rock Hell 9

Hafan y Mor Pwllheli – Thursday 12.11.15.

Christmas has come early or so it would seem, looking at the line up for HRH9! Thursday is usually a day for travelling up to Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales and thankfully the weather wasn’t as bad as first thought. Once the usual sign-in was completed, it’s time to hit the beer as the music doesn’t usually start until the evening, which gives people plenty of time to get settled in and meet up with friends. For those who have signed up to the Dark Circle, which is HRH’s fan club of sorts, the party starts early in the Mash and Barrel Bar, where they have set aside a room specifically for these guys. I saw what was going on and went in with my camera, not sure if I was allowed to, but HRH tends to employ a lot of the same crew, so we’re almost like family. Thankfully, the security guy recognised me from previous years and almost seemed pleased to see me and let me in! Once inside I could see the beer was already flowing and to help the party start with a bang, we had the mighty Trucker Diablo playing, who have recently joined the fold of “Off Yer Rocka” Recordings.

Just so we’re clear, Chic PR runs the HRH brand and all their associated events. They also run the record label, “Off Yer Rocka” Recordings, which now see’s some of the best bands that the rock industry has to offer signed to it and when you have so many great bands signed to your label, why not feature them on your festival? Current signings are, The Qureboys / Bonafide / Pig Iron / Screaming Eagles / Massive Wagons / Attica Rage / SKAM / The Texas Flood / Arthemis / Afterlife / Vargas Blues Band / Trucker Diablo and the new arrivals Chase the Ace, from Israel!

Thursday’s entertainment, which usually takes place on the 2nd stage, had this year been set up to take place on the main stage, which, in my opinion worked much better and of the five bands billed for tonight, four were in fact Off Yer Rocka signings, with the exception of the mighty Black Label Society, who I was most looking forward to seeing play again, here at HRH 9, what a booking, well done HRH!

Irish lads, Screaming Eagles started tonight off in fabulous style. This year I’d brought my parents along, as I knew they would love this festival and thankfully they did, so much so, that they’ve already bought a room for HRH X. Next year promises to be this festivals best year yet, as it will be celebrating ten years in the game, but I’m getting ahead of myself a little!

Screaming Eagles were my folks favourite band of the evening, so much so, that my old man rushed off to buy their latest album from the merch area! Although their set featured many of their own tracks, for those that may not be familiar with the band, they dropped in two covers into the set so people could relate with the band, one was a Led Zeppelin cover and the other was an ACDC cover. A quality act in deed!

Chris Fry - Screaming Eagles

Next up and fresh from their performance to the Dark Circle masses were Trucker Diablo. This was in fact the first (second) time I’ve had the pleasure seeing them play live, however I am very much aware of who they are and had been looking forward to seeing them play at HRH and my patience clearly paid off, as I got to see them play twice in one night! It seemed tonight was a night for cover versions, as Trucker did a track, ‘Seek and Destroy’, by Metallica, but here’s the twist – they changed the words to “drink beer, destroy” and it worked well and got the crowd singing along with them!

Tom Harte - Trucker Diablo

HRH’s house band, Attica Rage were next up and these guys always deliver and I’m glad they featured the best cover version of ‘Crazy Horses’ that I’ve ever heard (probably the only cover version) in tonight’s set, but it always goes down well with the HRH faithful. After speaking with the band, apparently, this track, by the “The Osmonds” no less, the least rock band ever, is the riff that the guys in Attica Rage wished they’d wrote themselves!

Stevie Bell - Attica Rage

You don’t usually encounter diva’s at HRH, but if anyone was going to be a diva, it was going to be Zakk Wylde, well he wasn’t really a diva, but he was twenty minutes late, which had the crowd cheering for his ass to hurry up onto the stage. To be fair, I was pretty excited about seeing him again, as the last time I saw him he was brilliant! That knowledge made me wise to the fact that during the first song would tag a massive mouthful of water and spit it out towards the crowd and I’ve never seen photographers move so fast!

Zak Wylde - Black Label Society

Simply put, Black Label Society are one of those must see bands, for any lover of any music featuring a guitar! He loves a solo and we love him for it!

Black Label Society

Full Set list consisted of: 1.The Beginning 2.Funeral Bell 3.Bleed For Me 4.Heart Of Darkness 5.Suicide Messiah 6.My Dying Time 7.Damn The Flood -guitar solo- 8.Godspeed 9.Angel of Mercy 10.In This River 11.Blessed Hellride 12.Concrete Jungle 13.Stillborn

As Black Label Society were the headline act for tonight, HRH always close with an act after for all of those who wish to continue on and party, and as it was the first night, most people stayed to enjoy Massive Wagon’s set. As I know this band quite well, in my interview with Carl and Adam, I had asked them how it felt to have Zakk Wylde support them? (not really – but it sounded good) and you can see that interview here.

Massive Wagons have a great following and very loyal fan base, and you just need to look at the bands pledge page to see that these guys are loved by many. However, someone in the crowd thought it would be funny to throw beer over lead vocalist Barry, who took it well, saying “best shot ever that” and to be fair, it was a great shot and was pretty funny the first time, but then some idiot tried to do it again, and that wasn’t called for.

Bowz Bouskill - Massive Wagons

These guys earned their beer this weekend as they played three times over the course of the weekend and that is quite an achievement in it’s self!

Review by Jay Hawkins with photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK) and Neil Reed Photography.

Trucker Diablo Interview

Filmed at Hard Rock Hell 9.

We support live music scene whether it be local or national we simply can’t get enough and we’re here to support all the great bands out there.

Trucker Diablo.

Music 224 had the chance to speak with Trucker Diablo at Hard Rock Hell 9. Check out the interview to see what the guys from Northern Ireland had to say!

Interview by Toni Reed.