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Twisted Ninja Presents

The Haygate Wellington Sunday 1st May 2016.

This Charity Weekender has provided an absolute wealth of great music and also set about raising funds for some well worthy charities and today is set to follow in exactly the same vein. Sunday’s charity of choice is Blesma and here were have an organisation whose mission is to assist veterans who have suffered the loss of limbs or sight, in the course of serving their country. It’s difficult to comprehend the impact that this kind of life changing event can have on a person and their family, but the work of Blesma has been tireless in it’s campaigning and the testimonials on their website shows just how much they have achieved for those in need of Blesma’s support.


With a slight change to today’s line up due to PTO being unable to play, the first band on stage were Black Star Bullet. Due to my late arrival at The Haygate, I missed their set, so apologies to the band for my lack of coverage of their performance.

And with the band Buzzard already in full flight, the Haygate was definitely rocking. Buzzards style of in ya face rock is first class and with songs such as ‘Another Chain’ plus a rather impressive version of ‘Teenage Kicks’ that included Mat from Valous on guest vocals, Sunday was looking to be a very promising day indeed!

Andy Ve - Buzzard

Next up were Wolff and it was good to see these guys again as their debut EP released back in early 2015 left quite an impression – especially the track ‘Lycanthropic Tendencies’, which I was chuffed to hear included in their set today. The band have quite a few dates coming up over the next few months, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for all the latest Wolff news.

What can I say about Torous that I haven’t said already as there really is something about this band that never fails to capture the imagination. Today’s set included some of the unmistakable tracks from their EP ‘Dried Bones’ and also gave us an introduction to the forthcoming new single ‘God Game Suicide’ which has all the attributes of another raging success for the band!

Marc Malone - Torous

Another band that are ever popular at The Haygate are West Midlands based The Black Hounds. The band have a busy time ahead with the forthcoming launch of their new EP ‘Gallows‘ which I can assure you is a bit of a cracker and one that needs to be checked out, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more details about that!

Tonight’s set from Left For Red was one of the must see performances of the day for me as with Dan Carter planning on a little Paternity leave, tonight’s set was quite possibly the last chance I will get to catch this everlasting line up for a little while. And as always and very much true to great form, Left For Red absolutely nailed it tonight, despite having played three gigs over three nights with a fair few miles travelled aswell.

Rob Hadley - Left For Red

Our next band of the night were the one and only Theia and when it comes down to loads of on stage energy, great rock ‘n’ roll and a performance laced with the fact that these guys are all having a great time aswell, then this band is one that should never be missed. Theia’s set tonight was a combination of some of their timeless classics plus a few of their newer songs and it was so impressive to see once again, a band who never take their musical progression for granted.

With Sunday evening well and truly in full swing our next band of the night were Valous. Recent changes to their line up brings Lee ‘Wilf’ Wilson back again but now on full time bass duties and also Ben Read on guitar, who is the second new addition to the fold. Valous always deliver 110% metal and tonight’s set was once again, a powerhouse performance from Mat and the guys.

Mat Shutt - Valous

With the end of the day fast approaching there was no chance to catch your breath as our penultimate band for Sunday were Worcestershire based, Fury. The stage really is a natural habitat for these guys and forty minutes of epic metal just wasn’t enough, as these guys have the knack of making time fly. With a new album set for release next month, I hope it isn’t too long before Telford see’s them back up here again, as that will be a must go to gig for sure!

Julian Jenkins and Mart Trail - Fury

As far as our headlining band goes, you could be forgiven for assuming upon seeing the name Diamond Head on the poster that it was referring to a tribute band or cover act, as ultimately these guys are not out of place on an arena stage just about anywhere in the world, but I kid you not, we are talking about the real mccoy here!!

Karl Wilcox - Diamond Head

The Haygate simply lapped up the hearty set that Diamond Head delivered, which truly was a great thing to witness as these guys clearly put the full weight of their commitment into supporting this great event and brought an amazing weekend to an end on an incredible high!

This weekend has been one to remember and the amount of preparation and organisation that has gone into making it happen, must truly have been a labour of love and none of it would have been possible without the support of the bands, The Haygate, Stage and Studio Services and of course, The Twisted Ninja Team. Andy, Helen, Becky, Lee and Louise deserve a huge amount of recognition for all of the effort and commitment that they put into this weekend and I’m sure that all the bands will be most happy to raise a glass…. or two, in appreciation of all their tireless support.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.


Interview With The Band..

We last spoke with Marc Malone from Torous in the summer of 2015 and since then life has continued to travel at full speed for the band, so it was good to catch up again with Marc plus GMT and Tom, to find out how life has been treating them since then and look at what this year holds for Torous.


Hi guys – good to speak with you again! When we had our last chinwag things were very busy for the band following on from the launch of the EP ‘Dried Bones’ and there was also a Winter tour on the horizon. Looking back would you say 2015 was a good year for the band overall?

Marc: Yes I would. I’d say 2015 was really the first year for the band, as 2014 was just setting up the ground work. The ‘Dried Bones’ EP was our first proper release and even though we have grown again since, I’m still very proud of it and the fact we didn’t conform to 3 minute singles just to get more radio play or Spotify hits which can always be tempting when you know you can write those songs if you wanted to. But, we do this as a therapy for ourselves first and foremost and release the music that moves us – and I think 2015 proved that other people were moved by it too. The first Tour went great and the subsequent Tours got better every time. We had a shitty end to the year with our gear being stolen and some personal issues of my own, but it made us more determined than ever to make 2016 a good year.

2016 has already seen Torous release a new EP ‘Paint The Sky’ back in February. What inspired the band to do an acoustic EP?

GMT: I suppose we were not trying to drag up the past, we weren’t in a position (because of the gear) to do the single or EP we wanted at the time. Time and funds were against us but we had the songs, the ideas and wanted to follow it through. We liked it, people liked it, plus it was different to what we usually do.

And bringing us bang up to date, we now have a fantastic new single from the band ‘God Game Suicide’ which really is an intriguing title. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

Marc: Well, they are really the core of life, at least my life anyway. God, which you can take as a metaphor or literally, being the hidden hand, the creator, the unseen force at work for ends you may not understand. Then the Game, which is life everyday. Everyday is a day of chance and our decisions that day create a fork in the road which will determine the next day; “What game is it that we play?”. Finally, Suicide, which really just means death, as every day we commit a sort of slow suicide through our choices and actions, a result of the consequences of the God and the Game. Greatest thing about it in my opinion is that everybody’s God, Game & Suicide could be completely different so it’s what those things represent to you.

Torous also have a new video for ‘God Game Suicide’ which we are chuffed to bits to feature for you – can you tell us a little bit about the making of it?

Tom: Our good friends, Lisa and Rob of Billibee Creative Limited came down to record for us, they did a great job of filming us at our rehearsal studio doing we what do – rocking out.

At the risk of seeming greedy, are there plans for any more new music from the band?

Tom: There are plans, but our priority right now is to pursue this single through the next Tour and work with our label, Holier Than Thou, to reach more people.

And what about live dates, when can we expect to see Torous back on the road again?

Marc: We are gonna be announcing another Tour which will be in August. We really have a killer line up planned on many of the shows, but particularly our home show in Brum, as the promoters have allowed us to hand pick our supports. This Tour will also see new tricks and ideas on stage we haven’t attempted before. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be the best live act we can be.

Big thanks going out to Torous for taking time out to answer our questions and shining a light on 2016 and we look forward to seeing you live again in August!

Interview by Sue Wardle with Photography by Billibee Creative.


This year has been a pretty interesting and fast paced one for the Birmingham based band Torous and with the year being far from over, Music224 were pretty chuffed to catch up with frontman Marc Malone for a bit of a chinwag and catch up. And this is how it went:

Many readers will already be familiar with Torous but for those who are new to Torous and also those who just want to know a little bit more about you guys, can you tell us about the band and how it all came together – I’m also curious to know where the name originated from?

We all met in College. GMT (Bass man) and I (Singer/Guitar Player/Part time welsh speaker) got together for our first jam back in Oct 2010. I had a solo project on the go and we jammed on that for a while, but a lot more casually than what we’re doing with Torous. After Tom started jamming with us, many of the ideas that are now ’10/10 or 4 star singles or whatever’ started coming out and we realised it was worth forming the band and from the ground up and getting to work on it seriously.


For a good insight into the name I’d recommend you watch the documentary on thrivemovement.com where they describe a ‘Torus’ (I came up with the way we spell ours) in all round digestible way – it can sound a little complicated on paper!

Your music has been described as Celtic Hard Rock with a metal edge, which is something that most of us don’t come across everyday – What kind of music has influenced you all over the years and if you could share the stage and play a fantasy gig with any other band, who would it be?

Being of Irish descent and spending some early years of my life in Wales, Celtic music was big on my radar and I always connected deeply to the music. As I did with Rock/Metal when my brother got me into Metallica at the age 7 or 8. The marriage between the genres came naturally to me, songwriting, so I stuck with it, and although it’s only a hint of Celtic sounds in comparison to the obvious Metal edge, those who are familiar with that music would hear it noticeably.

I’d love Torous to open for Tool. The guys would probably say Maiden.


I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Torous play live on several occasions with each performance being a bit of a smasher for me due to Torous’ stage presence, some pretty fab music and of course, GMT’s hair lol – what makes a gig great for Torous and which ones have been your favorites so far this year?

I think what makes a great show for us is to be in our zone. When we are all on the same page energy wise, it doesn’t matter if there are 30 people or 300 people, we perform the same way – and that way is generally on point. We, unlike maybe some bands, expect the crowd to participate if we are not giving it our all. So that’s what we do and then the good response will take care of itself.

As for my fave gigs (or our performances in those gigs), this year have been o2 academy 3 in Jan, the EP launch and our most recent at the Giffard Arms in Wolves. The SOTS all day fest was a highlight tho too.

April, May and June were important months for Torous with time being spent in the studio, followed by the launch of your outstanding EP ‘Dried Bones’. The EP received some pretty impressive reviews from both media and fans alike – how did that make you all feel?

Yeah they were f**king busy alright. I swear I hadn’t slept between the recording and the release of the record in those 3 months. It has gone great and we are very thankful for the people who’ve supported us and enjoyed the songs, media and fans alike. The songs, and the band in general, is hardly foot-tapping ‘rock n roll’ but music that is an interaction between us and the listener so it’s nice to see people have dug it. But honestly, it didn’t really validate anything for us, even though I thought it might. Turns out we are just proud of it for what we did and that was really the best thing. We did something musically that is generally uncommon and didn’t flinch to conformity. (That may sound pretentious but I mean it sincerely!)

Torous - Dried Bones

There really has been no quiet time for Torous this year and I believe July was spent working on new material – how’s that coming along and when can we expect to hear some of the new songs?

You can expect the next release early 2016, can’t specify what date yet, but we are planning a LOT to go with the release so just stay in touch with us and you will know soon enough.

Autumn is on the horizon and approaching fast and that means we get to see Torous back out on the road again – and I for one, can’t wait! Can you tell us about some of your forthcoming gigs and also a little bit about how the ‘Breaking Boundaries Tour’ will work?

You’re too kind! Well our forthcoming dates are as follows, (note there are more to be announced for winter dates:

Sep 25 The Queens Hall Nuneaton, Coventry United Kingdom
Sep 26 Tower Brewery Burton Upon Trent, Derby United Kingdom
Oct 02 The Freebird Newcastle Under Lyme, United Kingdom
Oct 03 Torous – headline show: Muthers Studio Birmingham, United Kingdom
Oct 08 Scruffy Murphy’s Birmingham University Metal Society Event
Oct 10 The Haygate, Telford

Playing with fantastic bands ranging from Theia, Children Lost In Time and Quiet The Thief on the Breaking Boundaries shows, where each band will headline a date above and on the latter two dates we will be joined by Kataleptic, The Mighty Wraith and Martyr De Mona (and more). Set to be very strong nights so if you are a regular, you don’t wanna miss it! If you are new, then come and meet us and we will party together (after you arrive you might wanna teach us how to party).

And what about the fourth and most serious member of Torous – Angry Bird – will he be venturing out of the nest and joining you on the road this Autumn aswell?

After the Angry Bird was saved from the clutches of Drayton Manor’s corporate grasp he has been at most of our shows so we will continue to follow suit with this. If you don’t come to a show for us, do it for the bird.

Many thanks going out to Marc for taking time out to speak to us and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Interview by Sue Wardle and Photography by Billibee Creative