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Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 15th February 2016.

Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall was a great venue for the start of Thunders 2016 tour and with support from King King and Terrorvision, I was very pleased but not suprised, to hear that it was a sold out gig. Having had the pleasure of seeing Thunder on their farewell tour back in 2009 and despite them having played some shows since then, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to see them play live again so I’m now very pleased that I have as I’d forgotten what a great show they put on.

The first support band of the night were King King, who are a four piece blues/rock band from Glasgow. Having listened to some of their tracks before the show, I have to say I did prefer seeing them live as sometimes you need the atmosphere and energy that goes into a live show to really appreciate a bands sound. Albeit there were a few sound difficulties on their first song, King King didn’t let this phase them and carried on. Luckily, this was sorted for the rest of their set and by the time they played ‘Rush Hour’ from their new album ‘Reaching for the Light’, all the crowd were involved and singing along. The band finished their set off tonight with ‘Stranger To Love’, and having enjoyed what I had heard, I would have quite liked them to have carried on and played a little longer.

Alan Nimmo - King King

Our main support band for the tour were Terrorvision who first formed back in 1988 with Mark Yates, Leigh Marklew and Tony Wright who were member of The Spoilt Bratz. After three years of gigs the band were signed to EMI Records and have since toured with bands such as Motorhead, The Ramones and Therapy aswell as opening up for Def Leppard at their homecoming show.

Terrorvision are a band that I have never had the pleasure of seeing live and tonight they put on a great show, with lead singer Tony Wright having an amazing energy on stage. Playing hit after hit including ‘Josephine’, ‘Alice What’s the Matter’ and ‘Do You Wanna Go Faster’, I felt that the only thing that let them down was the fact the fact that the venue was all seated because with a band like Terrorvision, you can’t help but want to be up rocking. The band have recently announced a UK tour in May which will be their Regular Urban Survivor 20th anniversary tour, playing eight dates but unfortunately none of these dates are within travelling distance for me, as I would have loved to see them playing their own show.


Thunder are a band with a history that needs very little introduction and their set this evening included a variety of classic’s such as ‘River of Pain’, ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’, ‘Backstreet Symphony’ and ‘Love Walked in’.

Danny Bowes - Thunder

But lets not forget that following their critically acclaimed UK Top 10 album ‘Wonder Days’ which was released only last year, these rock legends shot straight to the top of the official UK music DVD chart at the start of February, with their brand new release ‘All You Can Eat’. Impressively, they did this with only two days’ sales, outstripping the other titles which had been on sale for a full week and with songs such as ‘Resurrection Day’ aswell as the albums title track ‘Wonder Days’, I think it’s fair to say that these are new classic’s in the making, as the sound of Thunder certainly rocked Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall tonight.

Luke Morley and Chris Childs - Thunder

Again and regardless of the majority of the audience staying seated, the urge throughout the night to get up and dance was a tough one to fight – especially with me being on the front row of the balcony and also being reasonably tall, as I’m sure I would have annoyed a few if I had. However, with an encore that included ‘Serpentine’ and ‘Dirty Love’, there was no way of remaining seated and Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall did get to its feet and participate. As much as I love ‘Dirty Love’ I think the version played tonight had the longest introduction to it that I have ever heard, but it was certainly worth it!

Ben Matthews - Thunder

With the band having now played a major UK arena tour and with plenty of festivals still planned for 2016 and including the Ramblin Man Festival and also the Steelhouse Festival, Thunder are one of the most ‘must see live at least once in your lifetime’ rock bands and this video shows them displaying their formidable chops in a uniquely intimate setting.

A great night was certainly had by all and as far as memories go, I definitely made a few new ones tonight – thankfully without any mention of a farewell tour this time!

For more information visit Thunder The Official Site.

Review by Toni Reed and photos by Neil Reed.