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The Taskers

The Taskers

Hogs from Hell – as featured on the new album Rat Residence.

In early 2012 Jack Tasker was offered a support slot for a local band, he accepted, but asked his sister, SBT, to back him up on him on drums, having grown tired of playing his folky tunes. SBT accepted, on the basis of making riches beyond her wildest dreams and with the strict condition that they write new songs and don’t play any of Jack’s ‘fruity acoustic ones.’ The gig went well, Sophie made very few riches off it, but they continued to play as a band anyway.

After incredible lengths of creative brainstorming they settled on, The Taskers, as a band name. They recorded their first album ‘Not to be played or tested’ in the summer of 2012 and worked with local film makers to create a short Wes Anderson inspired film based around the lead track from the album, ‘Catherine.’

Throughout the summer they played gigs across the country, culminating in a fantastic home turf gig at the Sugarmill in Stoke.

Through the autumn of 2013 they recorded two albums, the fully acoustic ‘Jamhead’ and the girthy rock ‘Snuggles?’

During this period they continued to work with the film makers behind the Catherine video to create a short documentary about being a family in a band, their musical inspirations and their obsession with dinosaurs. The resulting film Taskersaurus was released in 2013 along with their fourth album, ‘No Shit, Just Shoes.’

Since then they have gigged extensively, from dance hall balconies in Nottingham, to dingy basements in Birmingham, to twee timber pubs in York.

Their fifth album Rat Residence was released in February 2014 and is a darker album which mixes both the acoustic and rock sides of the band.

SBT has yet to make any riches from the band.