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Von Hertzen Brothers

VII: War Is Over Tour!!
Live at The Rescue rooms Nottingham on 5th November 2017.

Although tonight is Bon Fire night, in the UK, I didn’t feel as though I was missing out, as I’ve had to endure fireworks going off, all week, so tonight was a welcome change and a different sort of BANG! As the venues website stated the doors were open at 18.30, I thought I’d get there nice and early, to meet up with the bands manager, Mr. Wolfie, who’s been a dear friend, for sometime now! As I rocked up to the doors, I saw a sign stating doors were actually opening at 19.30……seriously, how hard is it, to state the right opening time!

All was not lost though, as many others turned up early also, so I set about talking to the die hard fans, to get the low down on the Von Hertzen Brothers. One lady, who’s name I sadly missed, had travelled all the way from Perth, no, not in Australia, that would be an extremely good effort! No, Perth in Scotland, which is still some distance, to travel for a gigt, as she had to leave her house at 9am! She arrived in Nottingham around 4pm, so probably welcomed me asking her lots of band related questions! Not only was she attending the opening night of this tour, she was actually travelling the length and breadth of the UK, to attend every show, now thats commitment! She wasn’t alone either, she was meeting another lady, who was going to be attending every show with her and whilst we was talking, outside, two other young ladies from Finland, the bands home country had travelled all the way to the UK and would be attending the 1st five dates of the tour. Now if this doesn’t demonstrate an insane level of commitment, to a band, I don’t know what does! I’m sure the band appreciates the efforts, of die hard fans, like these, of that I’m sure of!

As I was able to go into the bands dressing room and drink a cup of tea with them, I know right, rock and roll, I thought I’d mention the efforts of these ladies, just so they was aware!

As time was ticking on, I had to leave the conversation, about tonights set list choice and head on down to the stage, so I could catch the only support band of the night, The Parallax Method, who I believe are a local Nottingham based band, as I recognised Mr. Ben Edis, who I’ve encountered with exceptional bands, like Spirytus and Breed 77, over the years. This is likely to be the quickest review, of a band, i’ve ever done. The Parallax Method are and instrumental prog rock band. The end.

Only joking, but on a serious note, I’m not a massive fan of either prog music, or Instrumental bands, but I am fan of these three, very talented musicians, who make up this band. If nothing else, they appeared to be really enjoying themselves on stage and thats good enough for me. There was nothing wrong with their performance tonight, although Ben’s bass appeared to die on him, on the very first song. Ever the professional, he got it going, before song 2. As these guys are talented musicians, I feel a little disappointed there were no lyrics, I’m sure, between them, they could muster a few words, to accompany their excellent music skills. I suppose, if you’re not a singer, but love playing live music, instrumental is the way to go! There’s many bands out there that only play instrumental. Hey ho.

The Von Hertzen Brothers then and yes, 3 of the 5 members are actually brothers and they come from Finland. The other 2, come from Sweden, apparently, which I only discovered whilst spending a brief amount of time in their presence. The band have previously released six albums, all of which have topped the album charts, in their home country. Hoping to capitalise on this success, on a global scale, the band have employed some serious talent in their new managers, with 7PM and have managed to sign a record deal with Mascot Label Group, to release their 7th album, War is Over. With the wealth of experience these 2 agencies have, I’m sure this new album will manage to reach far and wide, but its the strength and quality of the music that features on this album thats going to propel it to achieve major success (we hope).

It would appear, all three brothers have had a hand in writing the songs that feature on this new album, mostly during their time at their summer home, in Finland, which sits in a remote location, surrounded by nature and beauty. Lucky devils. The official blurb, I received from the record company states that Mikko, the bands guitarist and lead vocalist actually wrote some of his songs, whilst away in India. Whilst in their company, they mentioned they’d walked past an Indian restaurant, close to the venue and anyone who knows of Mogal-E-Azam, knows what great food they produce. After their show tonight, I know they had food delivered, for them to eat afterwards. It now all makes sense!

Watch the lyric video for the title track ‘War Is Over’ from the new compelling album by Von Hertzen Brothers..

I’ve managed to listened to the bands new album ‘War is Over’ and I can confirm, it’s a wonderful collection of 10 very well composed songs, many of which appear to be firm favourites, amongst their fans, after spending some time reading comments on the bands Face-ache page. I also get a sense that the band are very proud of this album as tonights set list (compiled in the dressing room) consisted of at least half the songs off this album and even opened their set with the title track. This shows a remarkable amount of courage and trust in their fans, to play a large proportion of songs, that most people have barely had time to digest, as the album was only released on the 3rd of this month (November) so thats 2 days before this gig!

Although the band are often branded as a prog band, which I can relate to, on a small scale, personally, I’d say they are an intelligent hard rock band, with a remarkable ability to write very catchy tunes, that go on for 12 and a half minutes! Tonights gig was a masterclass of showmanship and professionalism! We loved watching these guys perform, it was an absolute pleasure, so much so, we didn’t want them to Finnish! Be sure to catch them, on the road, over the next 2 weeks, or at the very least, if you’re going to either Hard Rock Hell, or HRH AOR, to go check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)