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Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 29th October 2016.

If you’re going to celebrate Halloween in style, then it pays to metal up and with Gehtika, Eradikator, The Face Of Ruin, Obzidian and Djinova all set to blast away a few cobwebs and ghouls tonight, the only spirits likely to be left standing will be the alcoholic ones!

And getting tonight off to a flying start amidst a hailstorm of Death Metal were the Coventry based band Djinova. To describe the experience of this band as brutal just doesn’t cut it as these guys go way beyond that, with the bite in the vocals of Tony Overton showing no mercy at all. If you’ve not seen or heard these guys play live before, then believe me when I say they are well worth checking out.


Lots of good things have been happening to Obzidian recently and tonight’s set from the band can most definitely be added to that list aswell, as not a moment was wasted in their delivery of tracks both well known and new. With the forthcoming release of their new album due out on the 28th November, it was a bit of a treat to hear a couple of tracks in advance of that, with the official single ‘Sins Here Are Purified’ being an excellent example of what is about to be unveiled. But if you can’t wait until the end of the month to take a listen to this awesome track for yourself, then you can check out the video for it over on the bands Facebook page now!


You can’t pass up Halloween without a spot of fancy dress and tonight we were besieged with the presence of many great demons, witches, zombies and the odd Beetlejuice or two. But even amidst all those scary characters, it was the figures of Alex Mumford and The Face Of Ruin with their visual homage to Linda Blair and The Exorcist that made the night for me, as never in a million years did I expect that! Thankfully, Alex spared us from the 360 degree head rotation and also the projectile vomit – which was a great relief to me from my position in the pit but what we got instead was one hell of a great melodic death metal set that won’t be forgotten for a long time to come!


Our penultimate band of the evening came in the guise of Eradikator and in capturing the spirit of the event, these guys gave the O2 Academy3 quite a performance tonight. With members of Gehtika and The Face Of Ruin taking to the stage aswell, Eradikator’s adrenaline fuelled thrash flowed freely with Pat Cox absolutely owning the stage tonight. Next up for the band is a slot at The Midlands Metal Crusade VI on the 26th November which will definitely be one not to miss!


When it comes down to picking a Halloween headliner then Gehtika have got to be a dam near perfect choice as these guys are true masters at what they do. Tonight’s set from the band saw them grabbing Halloween by the horns and serving up a blistering death metal set that was as addictive to listen to as their performance was to watch.


The one thing I really love about this band is the theatrical manner in which they deliver their sets and tonight’s gentlemanly shenanigans sat blissfully well with the audience and other band members alike.


Sadly, my enjoyment of their set had to be cut short tonight but not before catching them play their anthemic track ’A Monster In Mourning’ which for me, was the highlight of the night.

Tonight’s celebration of All Hallows’ Eve was certainly done in style, with all five bands putting on quite a show that most definitely hit the spot!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy2 Birmingham 27th February 2016.

There is a lot to look forward to tonight as Hils Ovation yet again, promises to deliver another outstanding night of metal and all in the company of Hostile, Stranger in Death, The Face Of Ruin and My Brother, The Wolf.

With a slight change of plans due to Black Tongue Messiah’s withdrawal from tonight’s original line up, our first band to take to the stage were My Brother, The Wolf.

Having first set up in September 2015 but initially under the name of Maeleum, I was most surprised to learn that this was only My Brother, The Wolf’s second live gig as these five guys looked and sounded like they’ve been doing this for a lot longer than that. Tonight’s set was a brilliant opportunity to make the musical acquaintance of this up and coming band and also a great start to the night!

Adam Wakeman - My Brother The Wolf

Next up tonight were The Face Of Ruin who quickly set about delivering an almighty dose of melodic death metal – much to the approval of the ever growing audience at the O2 Academy2. Alex Mumford is a very charismatic front man with a great voice to match and showed no fear at all in owning the stage tonight. Definitely a band to keep an eye open for so do go check out their Facebook page for all their latest news.

Alex Mumford - The Face Of Ruin

Our penultimate band for the night were the Birmingham based groove metallers, Stranger In Death and having already been wowed by their new video release for ’I Am The Hunter’, this was a band that I was very much looking forward to seeing. And I was not to be disappointed either as the combined and immense power that this band resonate, grabbed you and gripped tight from the first chord. I would highly recommend making the effort to go see Stranger In Death the next chance you get as you will definitely NOT regret it!

Mike Mooney - Stranger In Death

February has been one hell of a productive month for our headliners, Hostile, as not only has it seen them play four dates in Italy as special guests to Kaledon, but their return home also heralds the launch of their impressive new release ‘The New World Disorder’.

A.J Mills - Hostile

This latest release took on a life of it’s own whilst in the making, and fearlessly grew from EP to album through its own sheer brutality which when unleashed upon the O2 Academy’s crowd tonight, was received with equal beloved brutality and a spiraling array of mosh pits. Hostile really are an amazing band to see live and tonight’s launch most definitely hit the spot!

James Mills - Hostile

This is an album that demands to be heard and heard it will be as Hostile’s return to Europe is imminent where they will be supporting the German metallers, Gun Barrel on a ten date tour commencing 31.3.16 before returning home for more UK dates in May.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.