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Amplified Festival 2018

Quarrydowns Gloucestershire – Friday 6th July.

We attended the first ever Amplified Festival last year and it certainly was a wet one but the spirit of the event couldn’t be dampened and Friday 6th July 2018 saw it return for another bite at the cherry and we’re glad it did as the atmosphere we experienced throughout the weekend suggested that everyone was right behind Gary and the team in willing this festival on to be a success. In contrast to last year, we experienced some of the hottest weather to be encountered at a festival in this country and without a doubt, Amplified can now being dubbed ‘The Extreme Weather Festival’ but this year will be mostly remembered for the killer bands who played there, aswell as the excellent atmosphere that was produced by the metal/music community that we’ve all grown to love!

Sadly, I was covering this event on my own this year, which filled me with both dread and excitement in equal measures as on average, I think I covered around 9 miles each day in the sweltering 31 degree heat and I still have bruises on both my big toes to prove it, but with some of the finest bands that the music industry currently has to offer performing over the three days, it was certainly worth it.

Impavidus opened up proceedings on the Very Metal Art (VMA) stage today and to great effect. Michelle, the bands front woman was a Force majeure that few could match. Full of energy, smiles and some superb metal – what a way to kick off the weekend and they did themselves proud in more ways than one. I saw the whole band throughout the weekend watching their friends in other bands aswell as bands they admire, so credit to them for giving Amplified their all.

The first band over on the Red Stripe main stage, was non other than Torqued and having first spoken with Marc Cleave at last years event, it was good to see that they were invited to perform this year and honestly, these lads have some real energy and passion for both their music and the scene in general. I was impressed to say the least, as these guys are a credit to the industry. Marc also runs corrosive merch which offers some of the best music related items I’ve seen for a while!

I first caught Ashen Crown at this years HRH Metal event back in February and they too impressed me greatly. Over this weekend, I had an opportunity to share a hot dog with Kieran and friends, where he admitted that even he’s surprised at the level of interest and opportunities the band have received since their inception. Personally, I’m convinced it’s down to them having an amazing talent and being a great product that people will enjoy – it also helps that they’re managed by Rachael Harrison, who is one of the best in the business!

I can’t write a review of a music festival without mentioning Footprints in the Custard as these days, it would appear they are everywhere and for a very good reason too as they deliver the feel good factor where ever they perform and festival goers love watching them. They are just good fun and help to lift peoples spirits which is what live music should be about and they are pretty good musicians too, who knew! Today’s performance, saw Ward XVI’s guitarist step in at the last minute, which was greatly appreciated! I for one, love watching these guy – it’s true!

One band who are local to me, are Witch Tripper and these guys are always fun to watch. Great musicians, who also do have a love for the industry so credit to them for that. Whilst hanging with the band and grabbing a breakfast cob, one gig goer suggested the bands name reminded him of someone throwing a bit of wood into a chipping machine, which got us all a little puzzled until I clocked where he was going….wood chipper!!! HAHAHA You had to be there really! On the Saturday, they had to leave to go play a gig in Plymouth but they came back for Sundays antics, which saw me inviting Stoff to come meet Doyle for my interview with him, which he greatly appreciated but what a strange encounter that was – more about that later!

Dust Bolt also caught my attention today over on the main stage and it’s hard to believe that despite these guys having been around since 2007, I’ve only just discovered they exist! They hail from the small Bavarian town of Landsberg in Germany, so god knows who their influences are? It’s no secret, I love a good thrashing and have done so since I discovered the amazing Savage Messiah, who helped to reaffirm my love for this genre! Since then, I’ve discovered a wealth of underground talent within this genre, like Bull-Riff Stampede for example, who also played here this year! It’s not often I fall head over heals for a band these days, but when I do, I fall hard and love them instantly, I just loved the power of their music!

By the time The Dirty Youth came on to close the first day out over on the VMA Stage, the sun was going down and everyone was in excellent spirits, myself included! I don’t wanna take anything away from this excellent band but I honestly think I was high on vitamin D by this point, so these guys sounded even better than I remembered! I loved them so much so, I was screaming like a girl! They did have a very good ‘feel factor’ about them! Odd to see them on this stage, but they did do themselves proud!

SOiL headlined the main stage tonight and seeing them really was bitter sweet. The last time I saw these guys, I was given the opportunity to interview Ryan McCombs who then went on to have a heart attack two days later. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and was back up on the stage, which is great. I thought the rest of the band were great too and what’s more, the lighting tonight was much better than they are usually known for having which was also a bonus! Headliners, yes but in all honesty, not worthy of this spot tonight and this was also the opinion of many others who I spoke to over the weekend!

Strangely, people who witnessed Voodoo Blood play G’s Bar and bringing Friday’s event to a close, said that they should’ve headlined! Such an unbelievably talented bunch of musicians, who appear to be great to talk to as people, which was something I had the pleasure of doing earlier in the day. I just hope they stay grounded and not let fame ruin them as it has for so many others before them! Kim, the bands female lead vocalist is an absolute power house but to look at all 4ft 9inches of her, you wonder how the hell she manages to have such a powerful voice!!! Long will their set be cemented within the festivals archives, All hail Voodoo Blood! I’ve also managed to check out their new EP ‘Fresh Hell’ which offers four great tracks but what I really want to see is a full length album next, please!

Roll on Saturday…….if my stomach can handle it!

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Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Alien Ant Farm

Rock City Nottingham.

As I sit down to write this, the world is still coming to terms with two significant losses within the music industry. First it was Lemmy of Motorhead who lost his battle with cancer on the 28.12.15 and now David Bowie, who’s also lost an 18 month battle with cancer, which ended today 11.01.16. RIP guys, you leave us with a legacy that will live on forever. Thank you for the music!

As Christmas is over for another year, I thought I’d go and see a band I have fond memories of from my university days, back in 2001. Alien Ant Farm exploded onto the scene with a fantastic album called Anthology, admittedly I only like two tracks off that album, those being ‘Movies’ and their cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, but hey, it got me out of the house and blew away those Christmas blues, that’s for sure.

In support tonight, we had two great acts, the first of which are a band I’ve seen cropping up at many high profile gigs of late and appear to be making a real impact wherever they play. They go by the name ‘The Dirty Youth’ A female fronted rock/pop band from South Wales. The first I heard of this band was when they supported the mighty Skindred last Halloween, in Cardiff. I then saw them appear on the line up for the Winter Rocks all dayer, so naturally I’ve been looking forward to seeing them play live for myself and tonight I was in luck!

Freddie Green - The Dirty Youth.

Having recently released their fantastic new album ‘Gold Dust’ I can only assume it’s this, that’s managed to get them such great support slots? I’m yet to hear it in its entirety but on the strength of tonight’s performance, I will certainly be giving it a listen as they certainly deliver the goods, as far as their live performance goes. Danni, the bands female vocalist was dressed for the occasion tonight in her glittery silver cat suit, complete with cape and she looked a million dollars.

The Dirty Youth

As I went along the stage photographing the band, I got a bit of a surprise when I got to the bands guitarist, Luke, when he blew me a kiss…. I was shocked, to say the least as it’s the first time that’s happened but not wanting to be rude I blew him a kiss back! hahaha! The crowd lapped up The Dirty Youth’s set tonight and I loved it too!

Next up were a band called InMe, who have been around for many years but are a band I’ve never seen live before either. The band have released a total of five studio albums to date, the last of which ‘The Pride’ was released in 2012 and was the result of a successful Pledge campaign. Although these guys have toured the world extensively in their career, Dave, the bands vocalist and guitarist stated that they haven’t played Rock City in some ten years! It was nice to have them back in Nottingham again and they to enjoy their time on stage at Rock City too.

Dave McPherson - InMe

Although I’m unfamiliar with this band, those in the crowd certainly knew who these guys were and the audience went mad for this lot and if a crowd act as crazy as they did for this band, it’s usually a good indicator that they are popular and much loved. What I saw was definitley entertaining and I enjoyed watching their entire set. However, I wont be rushing out to buy their back catalogue but I will most certainly be doing some research on Spotify to discover the tracks that I really liked tonight!

Gazz Marlow - InMe

Here at music224, we love our music and I’ve personally been a fan of all types of music over the years. Some people are happy to stick with listening to one genre their entire lives whereas I feel variety is the spice of life, so I regularly flick between genres as frequently as skipping to the next track on Spotify! As I’ve got older, my tastes have got heavier but back in my younger and more foolish days at University, tonight’s headlining act were all the rage, along with bands like Blink 182, Greenday, System of a Down and Offspring etc. The opportunity to see Alien Ant Farm doesn’t come around all that often, so when this tour was announced, I was well up for a trip down memory lane. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and helps to reignite memories long forgotten, isn’t it funny how music can do that to you?

Dryden Mitchell - Alien Ant Farm

Tonight’s show was originally booked for the Rescue Rooms but as more tickets were sold than expected, it was thankfully upgraded to play the much larger capacity venue that is the legendary Rock City, which I imagine the band must have been pleased to hear and see. I sensed their excitement on stage as the band genuinely seemed overwhelmed at tonight’s support for them. As their set went on, they played up to the cameras, giving us some great shots that looked fun and helped me to show you how much fun tonight really was and I just wish all bands did this. I strongly believe bands should be given lessons on how to act in front of a camera – if they appear to be having fun, the chances are that they are having fun and it will make people want to go and see them, am I right?

Terry Corso - Alien Ant Farm

Although the band have a new album out, titled ‘Always And Forever’, which is a play on the bands name (AAF), tonight’s set was solely dedicated to their most famous album “Anthology” which they performed from start to finish and in track order. As stated earlier, I love two tracks off this album, but that matters not as although the crowd and I sang our hearts out to those particular tracks, the gig was so much fun throughout that both myself and the crowd loved the entire set. I felt 21 again and that was a long time ago, so thanks guys and I hope that everyone else who goes to see one of the other shows on this tour, loves it as much as we here at Nottingham did!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Winter Rocks Festival

The Corporation Sheffield 5.12.15.

There is no better way to kick off the festive period than a fun filled line up over two stages at the award winning night club, The Corporation in Sheffield.

After a few delays in opening up, it was apparent the stage times was not going to go as originally planned. Unfortunately for us Bad Touch had to pull out as they had traffic problems getting to the event, however this was beneficial for Winter Rocks as this meant the original openers Skarlett Riot could take their spot and the event could stick to its original timescales.

So now opening Winter Rocks on the second stage were Fahran, and what an opener that was! Fahran are a five piece hard rock band from Nottingham. After waiting outside in the gale force winds waiting for the venue to open, Fahran certainly warmed us up with “Cased In Steel” and “Take This City Alive”.

Josh Ballantyne - Fahran

Skarlett Riot up next and opening the main stage, a female fronted four piece from Scunthorpe, who over the few years they have been together, have managed to play Hard Rock Hell, Steelhouse and Download. Skarlett the lead singer has a great voice and a knack for getting the crowd involved. “Cascade” was a great example of this as she asked the crowd joined in and then slowing it down a little with “Ignite”.

Skarlett - Skarlett Riot

Time for a quick run back to the second stage and unfortunately the stage times were now overlapping by a few minutes, so in full swing were Stags. Stags have a unique sound and although they describe themselves as alternative rock, I thought they had more of a prog/blues sound.

Chris Finney - Stags

Back to main stage for Sumo Cyco. A female fronted punk metal band from Canada. They had a lot of energy on stage and the crowd really enjoyed their set. This was a band I had never heard of and wasn’t too sure what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed their set which included “Like a Killer” and “Go Go Go”. A couple of new “Cyco’s” gained, that’s for sure!

Back to Verona were up next on the second stage, a five piece band playing good Rock n Roll in their hometown. As a relatively new band they are very likeable, their music doesn’t seem to stick to one genre and I think this makes them even more appealing. Be sure to check out their debut single “Every Other Time”, this went down a treat live!

Danny Wilkinson - Back To Verona

The Dirty Youth up next on the main stage, a female fronted five piece band from South Wales. The Dirty Youth have a rock-pop-punk sound and the crowd really enjoyed this unique sound with “Crying Out For You” and a Blondie cover “Atomic” The band had great enthusiasm and energy on stage.

The crowds were really starting to pick up now and it was back to the second stage for Silverjet, a three piece heavy rock band from Sheffield. With songs “Hell Yeah” and their next single “Don’t You Know Who We Think We Are” they had a great set.

Liam 'Pais' Hill - Silverjet

The well-dressed guys from Tax The Heat were next up on the main stage, a bluesy four piece from Bristol. Treating us to the new single “Some Sympathy”, which I am sure is going to do well if the crowd’s reaction was anything to go by. Finishing their set with their last single “Highway Home” you can see why these guys had the pleasure of supporting Thunder in their last tour.

Antonio Angotti - Tax The Heat

Review by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.