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The Cringe

NY rockers’ new live single ‘Finally Gonna Be On Your Own’ released August 5th 2014.

via Sony/RED, prior to first UK headline gig August 8th 2014

@ The Barfly & Fun Lovin’ Criminals support August 9th @ Brooklyn Bowl ***

The Cringe - Finally Gonna Be On Your Own

“The Cringe provide a smooth, hook-heavy cruise through multiple classic rock styles. John Cusimano’s glowering vocal on ‘Rushing Through The World’ promises Soundgarden style grunge, but ‘Deep Girl’s Aerosmith-esque strut and semi-psychedelic chorus are more typical of their playful, energetic pastiche. ‘Lord Jim’, from lead guitarist and second songwriter James Rotondi briefly detours somewhere darker. ‘One Horse Town’ though is pure, surging AOR, while ‘Get Me Some’’s New York street report (dateline: 1974, somewhere in Johnny Thunders head) powers along on copious Hammond organ” – Nick Hasted, Classic Rock, June 2014

“Having recently coupled with sleaze ‘n’ spandex veterans Steel Panther for a slew of UK dates, The Cringe are no strangers to the rock ‘n’ roll metropolis. The Big Apple’s vibrant quartet fuse a lively cocktail of alternative rock, punk, rockabilly and post-grunge in this eleven-tracker, dipping their toes into all from Queens of the Stone Age and The Foo Fighters to The New York Dolls and The Beatles. It’s consistently upbeat, and frequently surprising, with melodic meanderings and percussive chugs punctuating the lilting, easy-listening vibe” – Rhiannon Marley, Powerplay, May 2014

Eclectic, melodious New York rockers The Cringe will return to the UK this summer, having made a spectacular first impression on British audiences in March, when they joined Steel Panther for an almost totally sold out 7 date tour. The band were blown away by the reception that greeted them on the Steel Panther shows, and left eager to cross the Atlantic again and get better acquainted with their UK fan base. Guitarist James ‘Roto’ Rotondi comments, “not only did the mighty Panther’s killer stage show inspire us to bring our A-game every night, (and to get our party on after the gig!) but it was refreshing to find that the notoriously tough UK rock crowd are nevertheless very open to sincere, hard-played rock and roll. No hipster posing or attitude—if we were on point as a band, they were awesomely receptive in kind. In fact, we’ve cooked up quite a few power-packed new songs inspired by our English adventures, which included numerous beer and bitter tastings, and a trip to Stonehenge (to help us get in touch with our inner English mystics)”.

Some of those tunes will be aired for the first time when the band return in August to play the following dates;

Fri 8th August – LONDON, The Barfly (headline show)

Sat 9th August – LONDON, Brooklyn Bowl @ The O2 (supporting Fun Lovin’ Criminals)

The Cringe

Before they touch down on British soil, The Cringe plan to offer listeners a taste of what’s in store, with the release of new live single ‘Finally Gonna Be On Your Own’, out August 5th via Sony/RED. An anthemic example of the quartet’s skill for blending grungy garage rock grit with masterfully crafted, radio-friendly melodies, the track originally appeared on fourth studio album ’Hiding In Plain Sight’, which got its UK release in April. The brand new live version was recorded at a sold-out Brixton Academy on the final night of the Steel Panther tour, and comes accompanied by a video capturing The Cringe’s tight and dynamic live show in full flow here.

Such powerful performances reflect the wealth of musical experience within the ranks. All seasoned players in their own right, guitarist Rotondi (Mr Bungle, Air), drummer Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live Band, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow), bassist Jonny Matias (Crash Moderns) and charismatic vocalist and guitarist John Cusimano have honed a distinctly eclectic sound since they came together as The Cringe, which has helped them to win high profile supports to a diverse range acts, including The Hold Steady, New York Dolls and The Bravery.

Their most accomplished album yet, ’Hiding In Plain Sight’ heard them confidently pull off an audacious mix of styles, from Soundgarden-style grunge (‘Rushing Through The World’), to raw punk rock channelling NY icons D-Generation and the Dolls (‘Gotta Find A Way’), and weather-beaten, world-weary Neil Young-esque ballads (‘Make Me Something’). Benefitting from the production input of Steve Lillywhite, and the mastering expertise of Emily Lazar (noted for her work on the Foo Fighters’ ‘Wasting Light’), the album showcased the skills of an ambitious and versatile act, and has rightly caught the attention of critics on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Cringe

Rock City Nottingham 24th March 2014.

New York Rockers – The Cringe supported the mighty Steel Panther at Rock City in Nottingham tonight. Before the show we got to have a quick chat with John Cusimano, vocals, guitar, keys and Shawn Pelton on drums……(which can be found here). During my research, I read that these guys are considered socially acceptable, radio air play viable and considered inoffensive, which I found to be a complete contrast, knowing the Panther’s material, so I asked them how they got to be supporting them tonight. John laughed and said, “Some how we offended them, they liked us and asked us to come along for the ride.” Well, any band that supports the best live act in the world (2 years in a row) are sure to get a lot of attention and a few more fans along the way, so its a no brainer really!

John Cusimano - The Cringe

The Cringe had a full house to perform in front of tonight (including Canadian rockers Monster Truck) which must be a good feeling no matter where you play. Being a relatively unknown act here in the UK, the packed out crowd, looking forward to Steel Panther, were polite and listed to these guys play. To The Cringe’s credit, they played two well known covers, the first being a Black Sabbath track, which got the crowd going and even had a mini mosh pit in the centre of the crowd at one point. The second track was a Thin Lizzy cover, ‘Jail Break’, which they made their own. Both of these songs helped the crowd to relate with the band – which is the point of doing a cover, however, their own material was upbeat and similar in style to the covers they played. John, on vocals seemed to be having a whale of a time, especially the crowd surfing stunt he pulled during a long guitar solo. He even went walk a bout, towards the end of their set, along the front row, giving high fives to all the punters pressed up against the barrier.

James Rotondi - The Cringe

All in all The Cringe are a cool rock and roll band and certainly helped to warm the crowd up for Steel Panther. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how the rest of the gig went, as I was only granted permission to photograph the support band, which is a real shame but it was a pleasure to be introduced to the New Yorkers, The Cringe, so all was not lost.

Shawn Pelton - The Cringe

Great to talk to, capable musicians with some catchy, non offensive, rock and roll tunes, what more can I ask for! If you like bands such as the Foo Fighters, Robbie Williams, Queen of the Stone Age etc. check out the bands new album, “Hiding in Plain Site” which can be found on HERE !

Jonny Blaze - The Cringe

Review, Interview and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)