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The BossHoss

The NIA Birmingham 6th November 2014.

The enormity of tonight’s line up here at The NIA in Birmingham is one which The West Midlands has been looking forward to for sometime and when you reflect upon the lifelong achievements of our headline band, Motorhead and also those of The Damned, you are actually looking at some of the most notable contributions in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. But the greatness of tonight’s line up first fires up with the outstanding German Band, The BossHoss.

The BossHoss have been gracing stages across Europe for the past decade with a musical style that has been affectionately referred to as Country Trash Punk Rock. Originally recognised for their outlandish reworkings and covers of popular chart hits, that included such greats as ‘Hey Ya’ by Outcast and ‘Word Up’ by Cameo, The BossHoss have become masters of their own sound with a stage presence that is as commanding to watch, as the music they play is to listen to.

Boss Burns

Having said that, The BossHoss are by no means one trick ponies and when it comes to writing and performing their own original material, they certainly stand in no ones shadow!

Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana

With their new album ’God Loves Cowboys’ released only a matter of days ago, tonight’s set saw songs from it’s track listing presented for the audience’s enjoyment and enjoy it they clearly did, judging by their hearty vocal accompaniment to many of the songs!

Guss Brooks

Tracks played tonight included ‘Last Day (Do or Die)’, ‘I Keep On Dancing’ and ’Don’t Gimme That’ to name just a few, all of which posses that intriguing cowboy style Quentin Tarantino aura that just seems to flow free and easy from The BossHoss.

Hoss Power

Joining The BossHoss on stage tonight were their mariachi touring band and even though the stage at the NIA could never be called small, there really wasn’t much room up there to swing a Stetson, but never the less, it all worked perfectly.

Russ T. Rocket

Song of the set for me and their parting gift tonight was ‘Word Up’, and what a way to end their performance it was!

Sir Frank Doe

Tonight’s set list looked like this: 1.Last Day (Do or Die) 2.Bullpower 3. I Keep On Dancing 4.Backdoor Man 5. Stallion Battalion 6.Don’t Gimme That  7.Word Up

Sadly, permission to photograph tonight did not extend beyond The BossHoss’s set, so that is where the pics end folks but with regards to catching sight and sound of the performances from The Dammed and Motorhead, both left no doubt in my mind that Rock ‘n’ Roll still lives on loud and proud from these masters of their genre’s.

Finally, a big Thank You has to go out to The BossHoss and their Management Team for allowing Music224 to be part of an all round top notch and unforgettable night of music.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.