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Metal 2 The Masses

KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 14th March 2019.

Tonight Heat 3 see’s five more bands all raring to go, with each one firmly hoping that the outcome of tonight will place them one step closer to a prestigious performance at Bloodstock 2019.

Getting things underway this evening were Enemy Of Atlas, who hail from the Birmingham area. Musically, this band deliver a hard hitting punch with a sound that is born straight out of their metal core. A great hit with the M2TM’s audience and the first mosh pit of this years competition.

Next band to take to the stage tonight were Second Cities and if you like your metal performed with the kind of psychotic energy that no straight jacket could contain, then this band are for you. Fantastic set from the band who proved that the future of metal in the West Midlands is looking very bright indeed.

And following on in that same vein, were Solihull based Born Zero. A new band to me but one who delivered the kind of impact, impression and great hopes for their future that is so exciting to find. Born Zero are four young metallers who are destined for big things and I highly recommend you check out their videoBreathe‘ – great stuff!

With this evenings heat having passed its halfway point, the moment had arrived for The Black Hounds to take to the stage and as always, these guys certainly make their mark. With a sound that is hard, heavy and perfectly delivered, the band gave the audience a first class performance tonight and one that certainly went down a storm.

Our final band of Heat 3 were Skull Fox and as with their four predecessors, this band made easy work of proving that they were well worthy contenders, who would easily fit into Bloodstock’s mighty line up. I really loved the great atmosphere that rolled out from this bands performance tonight as it delivered the kind of energy and feel good factor that simply leaves you wanting more… and more.

Tonight’s heat has been the toughest one yet – five great bands all worthy of going through to the semi-finals, but sadly that wasn’t an option. So, with all the votes being cast, counted and anticipation hanging in the air by the bucket full, huge congratulations go out to Born Zero and The Black Hounds, who will now progress on to the semi-finals.

Roll on Heat 4!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

The Black Hounds

‘Gallows’ – EP review.

If you’re looking to add some classy heavy rock/metal to your collection and haven’t yet become acquainted with The Black Hounds, then their latest EP release ‘Gallows’ is the perfect opportunity to gain that introduction, as here we have a creation that is definitely borne from the loins of four very talented musicians.


Hailing from the West Midlands, Ant Wright (Vocals + guitar) , Luke Winship (Guitar), Tom Fellows (Bass) and Joe Cleaver (Drums) have become familiar faces on the music scene over many a year past, having cut their canines in a few firm favourite bands of mine including The Whiskey Syndicate and My Great Affliction and without doubt, all that experience has now been placed firmly in the entity known as The Black Hounds.

‘Gallows’ is a four track EP which delivers the kind of experience that makes you wish it was an album, as these four tracks do get under your skin quickly and despite all of the tracks possessing those monumental riffs, vocals and rhythms synonymous to this band, they also all hold their own individual identity.

The opening song and title track of the EP, starts by setting quite a melodic scene but a ballad this is not, as it erupts into an almighty intense experience driven by the primeval rhythms of Joe Cleaver on drum. This song also has a story to be told and Ant Wright certainly makes for a master storyteller in his delivery.

The next two tracks ‘I Animal’ and ‘Generation Forgotten’ follow well in the opening songs footsteps, as they equally deliver that fist full of fury amongst a blaze of intensely rich melody and adrenaline.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Clarity’ which is most fitting as this track reigns down a solid and perfectly executed shower of hard rock that has become the signature characteristic of The Black Hounds. This song was originally written a few years back and even though it has been a regular highlight in the bands live performances, it was yet to be recorded so I’m pretty chuffed to find that it’s finally made the cut, as it’s an absolute scorcher!

The EP as a whole is so well recorded that with each listening of it, a new aspect within each track is unveiled and if I were to pick a favourite track from it, albeit that that is a difficult call to make, I would say that ‘Clarity’ is definitely a repeat player in my book.

You can catch the Black Hounds out on tour from September through to November and I highly recommend that you do as not only are you guaranteed a great live performance but you will also have the chance to purchase a copy of ‘Gallows’ at the same time!

Review by Sue Wardle.

S.O.T.S – Part 2

The Haygate Wellington 11th July 2015.

Today’s S.O.T.S All Dayer is already proving to be a bit of smash, with much praise and thanks deservedly going out to all the bands who have already played in support of this fund raising event for Soldiers Off The Streets and the fantastic work that they do.

And with many great bands and artists still yet to come, it was an absolute pleasure to see Adrien and Em from Cadence Noir take to the stage and filling The Haygate with their pretty impressive gothic folk rock.

Adrien and Em

There was also no holding back the F1-11’s either, who took to the stage for the second time today but this time with a slightly different line up and a new set of tunes much to the enjoyment of everyone.

Next up tonight were Fires That Divide and these guys were definitely hell bent on making their thirty minutes count with a rousing set of full throttle rock ‘n‘ roll.

Fires That Divide

And the great rock kept rolling, with huge appreciation going out to The Black Hounds for a cracking performance!

The Black Hounds

Stone Broken were up on stage next and there was no shortage of fans who came along tonight to see them. Do check this band out on Facebook – you won’t be disappointed.

Stone Broken

When it comes to compiling my fantasy gig line up, it would never be complete without Theia being on the bill so I was definitely doing the happy dance tonight!


It’s been a while since I last saw Captain Horizon but tonight from they were just as outstanding as ever, with ’Patch’ being a particularly fitting song to be included in this evenings set.

Captain Horizon

Midnight had come and gone when our event headliners Liberty Lies took to the stage and one things for sure, these guys certainly brought this great event to a storming end.

Today as a whole, has been fantastic to say the very least and it was so good to see such great support going out to Soldiers Off The Streets in recognition of all the great work that they do.

With the purpose of today being to raise as much money as possible to further aid their cause, the final tally stood a £1,000.00, so much kudos going out to the bands, Garry Foster, The Haygate and ultimately Andy Boden for bringing this all together and actually making a difference!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.