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Stone Circle

Release new lyric video following UK Tech Fest performance.

Stone Circle

Stone Circle return from UK TECH FEST with exclusive lyric video, previewing “Easter Island” from the upcoming self titled second album. After sharing the stage with The Algorithm, Aliases and No Consequences, and a successful performance at several warm up shows, Stone Circle are back on the warpath.

“Easter Island” is about the fall of the civilisation that settled on the island, leaving behind the iconic stone heads that are world famous. The video shows various footage of mankind’s takeover of nature, a theme that is repeated within Stone Circle’s albums in various “myth” like stories. The video suggests that “Easter Island” could be a model of Earth itself.

“We hope people enjoy our new lyric video for Easter Island off our upcoming self titled album. Despite it being a long song, we have some interesting imagery that ties in nicely to the story! The subject of the song is about how humanity can take over a place and drain it of its resources. And turn on each other until their whole way of life and world crumbles. This indeed happened a long time ago on Easter Island. The people’s society fell apart and now all that is left is a pretty barren treeless landscape, dotted with the famous stone statues. The song could be thought of as a rather gloomy prediction for the future of the planet its many civilisations and what we will leave behind as a species when we are gone. We are very proud of this song. Its definitely one of my personal favourites off the new album.” – Says Joe Ashwin (Lead Guitar & Vocalist)

Stone Circle have a further music video due out with the release of the album about the mystery of the Mary Celeste, and several other ideas in the pipeline. After working on their second full length album for several years, the Stone Circle machine is picking up momentum, with their unique Progressive Metal sound and organic themes. Check out “Easter Island”.

Keep an eye out for Stone Circle, release of the second epic album is immanent and are looking to show a different side to Progressive Death Metal.