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Sonic Syndicate

Album Review.

Ever since Killswitch Engage hit the press they have spawned thousands of bands that subscribe to their formula and Sonic Syndicate are definitely a heavy subscriber.

Sonic Syndicate

The follow up to 2010’s ‘We Rule The Night’ is created from the very blueprint set out by KE. There is a certain energy to this album but it’s all very formulated. Aggressive verses and big, sing along chorus’s and that’s it. Nothing interested me about this, it’s metal by numbers and all been heard before I’m afraid.

There are some great syncopated riffs throughout that really get you pumped such as ‘Day of the Dead’ and ‘Black Hole Halo’ and there are some big, catchy chorus’s that really show off British vocalist Nathan J Biggs who sounds quite Daryl Palumbo-esque at times. It is quite infectious at times.

It takes up to track 7 to break the formula with, ironically titled ‘Unbreakable’. This has a softer approach and builds nicely as it goes along, never straying too far from the path but is a well rounded song. After this, they pretty much return to the tried and tested and carry on as normal.

There are positives to be taken from this album, the production is solid and all the songs are well constructed and powerful. For me though, it’s not going to set the world ablaze and is sadly predictable in my opinion.

2/5 – The Purple Piper.