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Support Mushroomhead UK Tour.

After recently reviewing Sanguine’s album ‘Black Sheep’, it was great to see that the band had been picked as main tour support for Mushroomheads UK tour.


Before Sanguine took to the stage at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham, we grabbed a chat with female lead singer and founding member Tarin and second vocalist and guitarist Nick, who I’d say is the driving force for the band, on all their social media formats, as he’s very active online – ‘here’s what they had to say’.

Interview by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)


Rescue Rooms Nottingham 20.03.16.

It’s been over a decade since Mushroomhead were last on these shores, so the interest amongst fans has been massive, with most venues on the tour selling out and people queuing around the block to get in!

Tonight, the local support was provided by ‘The Five Hundred’ but sadly, we only caught the last couple of tracks in their set as we were on interviewing duties with those lovely people in Sanguine – but what we did see, was the crowd going wild for their extreme style of metal!

The main tour support for Mushroomhead’s UK date are Sanguine, a band we now know well and as far as live performances go, Tarin’s vocals were in fine form, which is to be expected. Nick looked as happy as Larry up there on stage, as he was smiling and cracking jokes with both the band and the crowd.

Nick Magee - Sanguine

As stated in their interview with us, both Tarin and Nick address the crowd, where they invite them to participate, whether that’s giving their best wolf howls, to introduce the next track, the title of which was obviously Wolf related or merely providing banter between each other for the crowds entertainment.

Tarin Kerrey - Sanguine

Musically, this band have a fantastic mix of heavy and groovin tracks, such as ‘Pretty Girl’ which I knew the title of as I’ve watched the video many times, but in my usual stupidity during our interview, I called it ‘Nasty Girl’…. what a dumbass!

As stated in our album review, of the bands latest album, Black Sheep, this is an album that’s going to take this bands places. I dare say we won’t have to wait too long for a follow up album either, as they’ve already got fifty new tracks in the pipe line!

It was great to see Sanguine up there and supporting Mushroomhead, so if you’re going to a show on this tour, definitely get down early and check this band out – you won’t be disappointed!

I was introduced to Mushroomhead through my brother, who loves them. I immediately took to their infectious style of metal, as they’ve produced some sterling albums over the years! I first liked their music before I saw their stage costumes and adopted style.

Ryan Farrell - Mushroomhead

Yes, there are many familiarities between these guys and Slipknot, who I also love, but both are unique in their own way, mainly their musical style and material choice in their songs. Thankfully, both bands are great live, with both opting for a visual assault on the senses in their live performances.

Before the band took to the stage, I could see the crew loading on the four drums and setting them up at the front of the stage, with water. Under them, lights were installed, so I could see what they were trying to do, so positioning myself was key here, so I set myself dead centre to the stage to capture the action. For those photographers, not as fortunate as me who were stuck directly under the drums, they got soaked during the gig, most of which ran for safety, at the side of the stage in an attempt to prevent their cameras getting damaged by the water which went everywhere! I was fairly safe, but didn’t escape completely but thankfully, my camera is water tight and with the aid of a lens cloth, I quickly wiped away any water that found it’s way onto my lens, ready to capture the next bout of water to drench the crowd!

Tommy Church - Mushroomhead

Tonight’s performance was so much fun, we both loved it and the crowd were great too, but above all, we managed to see a band that rarely makes it to the UK, we just hope we can see them again, sooner rather than later, so please don’t wait another ten years, before coming over again!

Jeffrey Nothing - Mushroomhead

Full Setlist: 1.Qwerty 2.2-Tone 3.SDR 4.We Are Truth 5.Before I Die 6.Out of My Mind 7.Solitaire/Unraveling 8. One More Day 9.Becoming Cold (216) 10.Righteous 11.Stone 12.When Doves Cry (Prince Cover) 13.Born of Desire

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)


‘Save Me’ taken from the album ‘Black Sheep’.

If you’re like me and you love finding hidden gems, who are currently rocking the underground music scene then this band will be right up your ally! I first encountered Sanguine way back in 2012, when they performed at the first ever Beermageddon. I seem to recall thinking, even then how amazing this band are live (I had to look back through the images I took mind, because it’s been that long!) The band themselves have been active since then,but with the introduction of this new album, expect to see a lot more of them, because this album, I believe, will be the catapult that sends this band into the upper atmosphere.


By enlarge the band I saw in 2012 hasn’t changed, with the exception of the bass player. Back then, they had a guy called Tom Sherwood, who has/had some really cool dread locks! Sadly the band parted ways with him that year. Since then though, the band have employed their current bassist, Ross Andrew and haven’t looked back as he’s been the perfect fit. The rest of the band consists of Tarin Kerrey – lead vocals, Nick Magee – guitar/vocals and Matt Field – drums. Checkout the new Single ‘SAVE ME’ from the Album ‘Black Sheep’ released on Friday 29th January.

The band all reside in Exeter, from what I can gather, so I dare say they’ll be racking up some miles in that tour van of theirs, when they head out on yet another tour of the UK during the months of March and April, when they support the mighty Mushroom Head and American Head Charge! That’s going to be such an amazing tour, make sure you don’t miss it, I certainly don’t intend too.

For full tour dates and more visit www.sanguineband.co.uk.

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)