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The Rival Sons

Rock City Nottingham 3rd April 2015.

Tonight’s gig promises to be a good one, especially when you consider its actually Good Friday! Getting to the venue was a delight tonight too, as there was absolutely no traffic at all!

On arrival, it was refreshing to see the queue of punters was half way down the street! This isn’t an unfamiliar sight at Rock City, but it does help to demonstrate how eager everyone was to see The Rival Sons who you could almost consider a local band these days, seeing as they’re signed to the cities only record label Earache Records!

Before tonight’s main event, we had one other band in support tonight who go by the name of The London Souls, although these guys come from the big apple, New Your City, their choice of name is somewhat misleading! A two piece outfit, Chris – drummer and backing vocalist and Tash – lead singer and lead electric guitar! These guys optimize everything that’s cool about the NYC music scene and emulate nothing but original rock and roll goodness!

Chris - The London Souls

Currently unsigned, this hasn’t prevented them from acquiring a major supporting slot on one of the biggest tours around, alongside the Rival Sons! They also have a new album out soon, which gets released on the 7th of April, titled “Here Come the Girls”. I’ll certainly be interested in hearing that!

Tash - The London Souls

Tonight’s performance was a triumph, especially when you consider there are only two of them! They managed to capture and maintain the imagination of the crowd, with their mixture of blues/soul/rock music. Tonight’s highlight has to be watching Tash making his guitar gently weep throughout tonight’s set, he’s certainly a true master of his weapon of choice! They remind me of Jimmy Hendrix, a little bit, you could even say Tash looks very similar to the man himself! Great band, glad I got to see them play and a very good support band choice too!

Every generation will produce an era defining band, for me, Rival Sons are that band! Having known about these guys for sometime now, what with the regular info I receive from their label, Earache Records, I was certainly looking forward to tonight’s event! Seeing them perform on Jools Holland’s TV show helped to give me an idea of how good these guys are live but that was nothing compared to tonight’s epic twenty track performance!

Dave Beste - The Rival Sons

With the intro music playing ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’, the band took to the stage and then led us into the first track “Electric Man” which is a personal favourite of mine, so to be stood 3ft away with only my camera between us, it was pretty special! After the first track, from my vantage point I could clearly see the joy on Jay’s face, after receiving the adulation of the crowd, he then embraced Scott as if to say “they like us”. Seen as a second home for these guys, I can only imagine the pressure of performing well in front of tonight’s crowd was high, but they needn’t of worried, as these guys are phenomenal!

Jay Buchanan - The Rival Sons

This tour has been given the title “Million Mile Ride Tour” I only know this because I bought a t-shirt to help remind me of tonight’s fabulous performance! This title probably isn’t too far from the truth either, as these guys are originally from California and this tour will see them travel the length and breadth of the UK and mainland Europe! So with that in mind, tonight’s set was heavily biased towards the new album ‘Great Western Valkyrie’ which is a superb album indeed!

Scott Holiday - The Rival Sons

The entire band look like rock stars as far as their appearance goes, with plenty of leather, jewellery and swagger, these guys know they look and sound the part, but don’t mistake confidence with arrogance as these guys are as humble as they come and I got that impression just from how they conducted themselves at tonight’s gig! Ironically, Someone made the statement that Jay sings from his socks but he wasn’t wearing any, which I could clearly see as his leather trousers were rolled up, but his shoes were very shiny and stylish, as you’d expect!

Jay Buchanan - The Rival Sons.

Tonight was close to being a sell out and it was nice to see the locals getting behind their favourite adopted band, Rival Sons of the City! FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! Can’t wait to see them again, although this was the penultimate UK show of this tour before they head off to Europe, but expect to see them in the UK again very soon!

Until next time music fans, stay electric!

Full Set List; 1.Electric Man 2.Good Luck 3.Play the Fool 4.Secret 5.Manifest Destiny, Part 1 6.Torture 7.Set [Acoustic] 8.Nava 9.Long as I Can See the Light (Cover) 10.Burn Down Los Angeles 11.The Man Who Wasn’t There 12.White Noise 13.Rich and the Poor 14.Belle Starr 15.Where I’ve Been 16.Tell Me Something [with Radio Intro] 17.Get What’s Coming 18.Open My Eyes 19.Pressure and Time 20.Keep On Swinging

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)