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Reckless Love

Slade Rooms Wolves Sunday 6th Oct 2013.

In their usual energetic way Piston were the first to hit the stage at the Slade Rooms. I’ve seen these guys on many occasions but tonight something seemed different. They seemed even more electric than usual. This may have something to do the lads being on a natural high as things for Piston just seem to be getting better. The latest to be added to their achievements list is getting booked to play at the Planet Rockstock Festival in December along side such greats as Fish, Snakecharmer, The Quireboys and many many more.

Brad Newlands - Piston
Despite the Slade Rooms stage being full of equipment and having very little room, the Piston guys did what they do best and immediately got the crowd whipped up into a frenzy with the opening few bars of “Bad To The Bone”. As always Pistons sets are always flawless with track after track of striking guitar riffs and flawless vocals provided by frontman Steve Nunn. The band also showcased the new track “Do You Wanna Stay” set to be the first single release which, in itself is a powerhouse of a track. So as previously predicted the future is looking very bright indeed for these local lads.


What can I say about next act Laura Wilde? She may be one smoking hot rock goddess but don’t be fooled, she’s a master with the six string axe! Born in Australia but now residing in Los Angeles she’s been compared to some of the great females of rock, Suzi Quatro, Lita Ford and Joan Jett to name a few but her music style is all her. No carbon copy here. This Aussie hellcat has also recently won Metal Gods award for “Best New Female Artist”. Laura’s show is high octane from the outset, she bounces around on stage like a jack in the box, briefly taking time out to engage the captivated audience, making each and every one of them feel a part of the show, even taking time out after her set to sign autographs and just mingle in the crowd talking to her fans.

Laura Wilde.

Proving her amazing guitar skills from the outset with show opener “Show me Love”, Laura’s guitar solos were electrifying, filling each note with her very heart and soul. Followed by more foot tapping riffs in “Angel” and “Scarlet Woman”. Laura even treated the crowd to a cover of AC/DC’s Jailbreak before introducing the rest of her band, Chris Price on guitar, Jeff Subauste on bass and the man behind the skins R.K Shankle who immediately broke into a drum solo for the title song “Sold my Soul!”. This title track is so reminiscent of the 70’s glam rock era and even has the sleazy riff to back it. To sum up, Laura Wilde has the raw passion and energy that audiences around the world can connect with.

Laura Wilde

If you’re a follower of the hair metal scene, you’ll already be aware of Finlands greatest rock export Reckless Love. Frontman Olli Herman and the rest of the band first introduced themselves to the rock world with their eponymous album back in 2010. Since then they’ve released a further two albums bringing them squarely up to date with their latest album “Spirit” which they pretty much played in its entirety tonight. Opening with “So happy I Could Die” it’s easy to see why these guys have received so much attention commercially. With their similarities and influences to Warrant, Ratt and David Lee Roth playing such a big part in moulding the look and sound of the band. The band don’t hang around on stage launching straight into “Bad lovin'” and who could blame them as their set comprises of 14 ass kickin’, face melting tracks. You have to say that Reckless love are definitely all about their fans and they certainly know how to engage and work the crowd, there’s not a single member of the band who hasn’t got time to pose for a photo even if it is mid guitar solo like Pepe does.

Pepe - Reckless Love

There’s riffs galore from Pepe throughout their entire set, especially on such tracks as “Sex, Drugs And Reckless Love”, “Night On Fire” and “Edge of our Dreams”, the latter of which is truly awe inspiring. Even drummer Hessu Maxx gets in on the showmanship on ‘I Love heavy metal’ with twin drum sticks twirling like some kind of demented baton twirler. No hair metal show would be complete without some flesh on show and Herman wasn’t about to let the fans down on that score either as he whipped off his top to expose his Adonis like physique. Females in the crowd wanted to be with him and males wanted to be like him! By the time it came to the last song of the night ‘Hot’, one of their biggest songs to date along with “Beautiful Bomb” Herman had high kicked and strutted his way through a many hair metal fans dream journey.

Olli Herman - Reckless Love

Overall with their ’80’s look and influences and their high energy and anthemic rock n roll, Reckless Love are just what the doctor ordered to keep the glam metal fans fit and healthy across the globe.

Words and photography by Mark Lloyd – Amplified Gig Photography.