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Metal 2 The Masses

KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 3rd May 2019.

So the Wolverhampton Metal 2 The Masses semi-finals continue tonight, with five more live performances from Atarka, Blood Church, Dead Mob, Exiles and Recall The Remains. And getting this event underway were Dead Mob who delivered yet another storming set that was nothing short of a brutal powerhouse performance. With the large audience all set on supporting these guys, the band couldn’t have asked for more and once again, set the bar high for those bands yet to follow.

Next to give it their all were Blood Church, who had previously made quite an impact in Heat 6 with their satanic style of metal and presentation. With a dramatic entrance that was both ritualistic and eerie in style giving way to a full on attack of the darkest of metal, Blood Church mesmerized an audience already gazing on and listening in awe – this was definitely the kind of performance that was going to take some beating!

Our next band of the night were Recall The Remains who in my opinion, are one of the most exciting up and coming bands currently on the West Midlands music scene. As with our two previous bands, RTR had stepped up their game and seeing the towering figure of lead singer Jacob Collins being led on stage by a pig to the slaughter, their performance tonight certainly started with a sharp intake of breath! And in true style to their form, the metal was brutal – a seriously creative band that write and perform songs of the highest calibre.

Another up and coming band that are well worth getting excited about are Exiles, who stormed their way through to the semi-finals in Heat 5. Hardcore and smart with it, is the style that they have developed and tonight’s set from the band was intense from the moment this tornado hit the ground hard. Fueled by the energy on stage, there was plenty for the mosh pit to react with and Exiles certainly gave them 110%.

Tonight’s semi-final has been one of the toughest competitions yet and signing tonight off with a huge swell of energy and adrenaline, were Birmingham based Atarka. This band seriously showed the audience at KK’s Steel Mill what they were made of and their music and performance was nothing short of colossal in its delivery.

This semi-final gave us five bands who were all worthy of a place in Wolverhampton’s Metal 2 The Masses Final, so the voting tonight was indeed a very tough call but congratulations go out to Blood Church and Atarka who will go through to that event – and what an event it is going to be!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Metal 2 The Masses

KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 7th March 2019.

And Wolverhampton’s Metal is back! up and running with a Heat 2 bringing quite a line up of five great bands with it tonight!

Getting things underway were Recall The Remains and what a start to the night they gave us. This band without doubt, lead by example they look the part, have a catalogue of tempestuous metal and on stage, the intensity of their performance is completely captivating. Definitely a firm favourite with tonight’s audience, one hell of a start to Heat2!

Next up were Severn UK who are a band I admire greatly, with the long standing experience of the band members being well celebrated by many others aswell. And let’s not forget talent either, as when Ben Evans and Louis Hale stand side by side to deliver a blistering guitar break, the experience of that is spellbinding. Excellent set from the band tonight and a very tough act to follow.

Our third band of the night were Elyrean and I have to say that their set tonight was one of a kind! Having seen them recently perform at Birmingham’s HRH Metal, I did wonder if the experience of that had been a bit of a game changer for them, as their confidence and the way in which they connected with the audience tonight was stronger than I’ve ever seen them deliver before. For thirty minutes, pure melodic thrash metal reigned down on KK’s Steel Mill and what a fantastic set it was!

With a short delay to the start of our next bands set, Tear It Down were quick off the mark to get things moving and their brand of classic rock and blues rolling. This band deliver a high energy performance and I have to hand it to their drummer Jamie Roberts for his powerhouse skills and drum stick agility which was pure poetry in motion.

Parson City were our last band of the night and there is something quite intriguing about this bands music, as they seem to have captured contrasting musical influences such as classic rock and metal in the most original of styles. Lead singer Kyle Roberts brings a multitude of vocal arrangements and guitar riffs to the forefront, whilst Sam Leek on bass and backing vocals puts the energy and zeal into the performance. And then of course there is Anthony Richards on drums, who ties things all up together and for me, this band brought about a great end to the night, in every respect.

Once again, all five bands gave the audience and judges much to deliberate on when casting their votes and a big shout goes out to Recall The Remains and Elyrean, who now go through to the semi-finals in April and May.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.