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Eyes Of The Raven

With support from Influens, Obzidian, Christgrinder and Rawkas.
O2 Academy3 Birmingham 24th November 2018.

Tonight’s Ovation Music Management gig has all the makings of being one of a kind with a rather fantastic line up that includes Eyes Of The Raven, Influens, Obzidian, Christgrinder and Rawkas – impressive or what!!

Getting this evenings shenanigans underway were Birmingham’s very own Rawkas and just as their name suggests, these guys have a sound that is packed with both raw energy and heaps of magnificent moodiness which certainly hit the spot tonight. With the band having released an EPAll Your Ghosts‘ earlier in the year, tonight’s set was a great taster for it and if you want to check this and Rawkas out for yourself, just head on over to their Facebook or Bandcamp pages for a right proper ear full!

Our second band of the night were Christgrinder and if you enjoy your metal dark, love your metal to have attitude and relish the experience of seeing a band whose performance will have you entranced from start to finish, then PLEASEEEEE go check out Christgrinder! Tonight’s set saw the band suited, booted and grasping Satan firmly by the horns, amidst lashing of sordid guitar riffs, a back line that ricocheted across the O2 Academy3 and vocals that captured the very spirit of black metal. Having not seen or heard these guys before, this first encounter was one I won’t forget and also one I can’t wait to repeat!

The next band to take to the stage tonight were Obzidian and here we have a band whose long standing presence within the metal community stands tall and quite rightly so, as their intensely adrenaline fuelled metal goes way beyond impressive. Front man Matty Jenks truly commanded the stage tonight, with his delivery of the set showing man and music completely enmeshed as one and in my opinion, that takes a very special kind of skill which really was quite something to behold. Sadly, the bands set was cut a little short due to a technical failure but one thing for sure and despite that, Obzidian certainly did themselves proud tonight.

Our penultimate band of the night were Influens and yet again, here we have another well respected and much talked about band within our metal community. Tonight’s set saw the band starting a new chapter of their evolution, now as a three piece. And not only did they raise their tried and trusted flag of groove infused metal, but they also gave us the chance to hear some of their new material and to see the shape of the great things yet to come from Influens.

And finally, we come to our headlining band of this evening, the one and only, Eyes Of The Raven. It’s been quite a while since I last saw these guys however lasting impressions never fade away and having repeatedly watched the video ‘Crown Of Serpents‘ which was released earlier this year, I felt there was something pretty exciting happening here!

Live tonight, Eyes Of The Raven took their music and performance to a whole new level – ABSOLUTELY off the scale in fact! They looked different, their musical precision was in a league of its own and they sounded better than ever. The one thing that did remain unchanged was the straight, honest connection these guys have with their fans, they may not boast about how good they are but the response they received from their audience, most definitely said it all for them.

2019 is already set to be one hell of a year for Eyes Of The Raven and you can catch up with them supporting Orange Goblin at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton on 8th Feb, HRH Metal O2 Academy Birmingham – which takes place over the weekend of 16th/17th Feb and then 28th Feb, when they are back again at KK’s Steel Mill for Wolverhampton’s M2M first heat – bring it on!

To see more photographs from the night, be sure to check out music224 over on Flickr!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.


The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 30th Sep 2016.

It’s no word of a lie when I say I’ve been waiting twelve months to see our headliners Psychostick play live, as that’s how long it’s been since this monumental band last graced Wolverhampton with their presence. Reviews and comments made by many about that particular event had left quite a lasting impression – so no pressure there guys in delivering the goods once again tonight!


But first off and getting this evening under way in a style which was completely their own, were the Birmingham based band DEAD HANDS. These guys and gal make metal mayhem under their own terms and showed no inhibitions when it came to delivering their set out amongst the gathering early evening crowd. This in itself delivers quite an impact, as not only do you get to see the band up close and personal but you are also part of the experience and DEAD HANDS took no prisoners tonight!


Our second support band of the night were Rawkas and here we have a band whose recent resurgence has already stamped it’s fist firmly down across the West Midlands. The bands set this evening gave Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms a hearty dose of metal groove core, and whilst many of the songs performed were new to some, there was one particular song ‘Black Lagoon’ which was newer than others and for me, this was the highlight of their set. I have a really good feeling about this band and predict we are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more from them in times to come!


Our headlining band Psychostick, come from the same kind of humble beginnings that are familiar to many – that being friends from way back, who set about writing and playing music that was important to them. But what makes these guys different, is there uncanny knack to find humour and write songs about some of the most bizarre and strangest elements of day to day life and you only need take a wonder through their videos on Youtube to see this for yourself. And with that focus in mind, I left all my confines of normality at the door, as the inner child was up for some fun tonight!


As the band took to the stage, the sheer sight of them raised a roar of approval from the audience, as their appearance is exceptional to say the least! I’ve never been a great fan of hats – until now that is, as here we had a couple of the finest ever to be worn and if these guys ever decide to call it a day, they will never be short of a job in the millinery business!


Psychostick’s set tonight was as sublime as their humour and included some of their greatest such as ‘Obey The Beard’, ‘Dogs Like Socks’, ‘Do You Want A Taco‘, ‘Bruce Campbell’ and ‘BEER!’, which all went down a storm as the audience were most definitely up for some fun! And fun was most definitely high on the agenda as the interaction between the band and those present was virtually none stop, with antics afoot at every opportunity.


So was Psychostick’s visit to The Slade Rooms worth the twelve month wait – hell yes it was and roll on the next visit as that simply can’t come soon enough!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 27th August 2016.

Our World Below? with support from Panspermia, Samsara, Rawkas and Heavy Load.

One of the great things about a Hils Ovation night, is the chance it gives you to check out some of the new and up and coming bands and in that very vein, this evenings show opened up with the debut performance from Heavy Load. Comprising of Kyle Roberts – Guitar/vocals, Sam Leek – Bass/vocals and Hayden Worton on drums, these guys have already got a solid repertoire of songs that sit within the deepest edges of sludge/stoner metal. They may not have had the biggest audience of the night but they certainly had everyone’s attention and I think we can look forward to seeing and hearing much more from Heavy Load.

Sam Leek - Heavy Load

With a last minute drop out from tonight’s line up, Rawkas were quick to fill that divine and what an excellent choice that was as their charismatic stage presence and downright dangtastic metal was indeed a pleasure to behold. Information over on their Facebook page leads me to believe that there is quite a history to this band as they clearly are well seasoned and extremely accomplished musicians who possess that ‘WOW’ factor with apparent ease! Make a point of checking out Rawkas first chance you get as I’m positive that you’ll be pretty chuffed you did!

Jay - Rawkas

And with no chance of any dust settling on the O2 Academy3’s stage, Samsara were next up and quickly made light work of whipping up yet another storm of awesome and intense metal. Front man Scott Powell has the kind of vocal ability that makes you take an unintentional step back in awe of the sheer ferociousness in his vocals which really are something to be reckoned with. With a new EP looming on Samsara’s horizon, getting the recording finished is now their main priority so there are no pending dates in their diary, which makes for yet another reason why I’m really glad I got to see their set tonight.

Scott Powell - Samsara

In stark comparison to tonight’s stage debut from Heavy Load, Panspermia’s performance heralded the end of the road for them in this, their current guise. Aswell as serving up a torrent of unchained metal delights, tonight’s set also saw front man Alex Lucas give a bitter/sweet account of the reasons why the band have reached this point, which really was quite a sad thing to hear. So whatever lies ahead next for these three guys, the very best is wished for them.

Alex lucas - Panspermia

This evenings headliners have consistently scored a direct hit in the popularity stakes of up and coming, must see metal contenders, with this particular band being none other than Our World Below? Tonight saw the band back in the saddle and looking very happy indeed to be back up on stage again.

Jamie Edwards Taylor - Our World Below

With an hour long of inspiring metal served up for their audiences entertainment, their set list comprised of a full bounty of Our World Below’s finest which earned the band the full appreciation of their audience and quite rightly so!

Dave Riley - Our World Below

Our World Below? still have a few dates in their diary lined up for the remaining months of this year so make a point of checking out their Facebook page or website for details of exactly where and when you can see them!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.