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Questions Of Angels

‘From Within’

Questions Of Angels have been orbiting the West Midlands rock ‘n’ roll community since the summer of 2011 and their debut album ‘From Within’, presents itself as an entity borne of a band who have complete confidence in the music that they are making.

Questions Of Angels - From WithinThis album both rocks and rolls in its own abundance of well written songs that succinctly blend rock with the spirit of grunge, with tracks such as ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘Hope You’re Happy’ hitting just the right spot in this domain.

These no shortage of great guitar riffs either to be found ‘From Within’ and I can highly recommend checking out ‘Can’t Get Closer and ‘The Glow’ as two prime examples of the excellent licks that this album delivers.

I have to say that for me, the stand out feature throughout the entire album has to be the inspiring marriage between the song lyrics and their vocal delivery. There is a consistent emotive theme that runs throughout the lyrics of this album and including ‘Shit You Put Me Through’ and ‘Take It Anymore’ to name just two, which captures the raw deal that life can sometimes throw at you whilst in stark comparison to this, ’Worthy Of You’ and ’Pity’ take a walk on the warmer side of the emotions. The emotive and heartfelt portrayal of such feelings are captured in every aspect by lead singer Anthony Hoult, who really does deserve a standing ovation for their delivery.

‘From Within’ is overall, one very fine debut album and a little bird tells me that the writing of album number two is well on the way aswell – so bring it on I say!

Track Listing: 1. Take A Breath 2. Worthy Of You 3. Long Way Down 4. Pity 5. Never Going Back 6. Can’t Get Closer 7. Hope You’re Happy 8. Shit You Put Me Through 9. Gone Away 10. Take It Anymore 11. Something Dirty 12. The Glow

Review by Sue Wardle