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With support from Piston, Theia and Kikamora.
The Station Cannock 4th November 2017.

Tonight brings about my first visit to The Station in Cannock and the promise of quite a night, with none other than Bigfoot, Piston, Theia and Kikamora, all set to make for a great night of spectacular rock.

Kicking the night off loud, heavy and with more pizazz than Cannock’s Firework display were Kikamora, who hail from the Southwest part of the UK. I have to say that this band produce the kind of adrenaline on stage that simply draws you in and for me, Kikamora were addictive to watch. I do hope that these guys head back up this way again and I shall be keeping a beady eye open just in case they do.

Our second band of the night were Theia and here we have one very hard working band whose music and stage presence always make for an excellent nights entertainment, each and every single time that I’ve seen them. Tonight’s set from the band was laden to perfection with a wealth of enigmatic rock, that is characteristic of everything that Kyle Lamley, Paul Edwards and Jack Dalton deliver. In my humble opinion, Theia are one of the most promising up and coming young bands currently out there and judging by the audiences level of enthusiasm and interaction with them, I suspect that many others also share that same viewpoint too.

Next up at The Station were Piston and for me, this was the first chance to catch them live with Rob Angelico at the mic and impressed I was for sure, as Rob and his super charged rock vocals are most definitely a great fit for the band. Piston have made great steps with their music over recent years and their set this evening was a clear indicator as to why their following continues to grow.

Tonight’s headliners were Bigfoot and here we have the band who are currently taking the rock community by storm, with their A+ style of hard hitting rock. By the time that the band took to the stage, the venue was pretty much full to the rafters and with sooo many Bigfoot fans raring to go, there was such a pretty keen atmosphere off stage, that I’m sure fed straight back into the bands performance as they certainly seemed delighted to be here.

There was no mistaking how good these guys are and if you’re yet to catch them live for yourself, then be sure that you do as Bigfoot look set for many great things for sure.

As far as my first impressions of The Station go, this venue has certainly got what it takes to grow and become a firm favourite on the local music scene and it certainly did our four bands proud tonight. As to the forthcoming gigs that are lined up here at the Station, be sure to go check out KOL Promotions Facebook page for all the latest dates and events coming your way.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle


Woody’s Bar, Hednesford, 19th June 2015.

With the capacity crowd at Woody’s Bar fully warmed up and craving more rock’n’roll Piston hit the stage with all guns blazing to totally tear up the room for the next hour or so. A special night this one with Piston playing to their hometown crowd and showcasing a few new tunes that really packed a knockout rock’n’roll punch, giving you a satisfying taste of the band’s soul-filled, swaggering sound and adding another brick to their daunting wall of noise.


Throughout their set, Piston’s performance was red-hot and crackling with energy, culminating with a stage filled with loyal fans all rocking out to a great cover of AC/DC’s ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’. With mainstream media such as Planet Rock Radio, Kerrang, Total Rock, Team Rock and Classic Rock Magazine showing increasing interest, Piston are going from strength to strength. Lead vocalist Rob Angelico recently took over the reigns as frontman for this incredible five piece rock band and tonight showed his worth in leading Piston to the next level in their passage to rock’n’roll fame and fortune.


Support for the night began with The Bad Flowers setting the standard high with their fine mix of heavy rock and deep blues riffs. They didn’t have to work hard to engage the already appreciative crowd that was building up for the night’s entertainment.

The Bad Flowers

Next up was Almost Easy. Building on the already great atmosphere in Woody’s Bar, Almost Easy raised the bar as their powerfully frenetic performance rocketed along with the volume progressing with every song on their set list.

Almost Easy

See the full set of pictures for Piston, The Bad Flowers and Almost Easy here.

Review and Photography By Stephen Turner