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Hils Ovation

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 17th September 2016.

Tonight’s Hils Ovation show see’s me back at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton and with a line up comprising of Parrhesia, Slaughter Horse, Mordrake Haerken and King Goat, this is a show that looks fit for royalty – of the Metal kind!

Opening up the show this evening were Parrhesia who are local to the Birmingham area. Consisting of Hontus (guitar and vocals), Dave (bass) and Callum on drums, these three guys deal in metal of the most interesting kind as they have an edge to their individual performances which works exceptionally well when combined all together. Front of stage see’s Hontus and Dave working the metal solidly whilst Callum and his sticks whip up a furious frenzy that is addictive to watch. If you get the chance to check Parrhesia out live – do it!


Our second band on tonight’s line up were Slaughter Horse and here we have a band whose energy, brutal metal and rather unique identity always speaks for itself. When experiencing a set from Slaughter Horse, you are guaranteed that it will be a colourful occurrence as their intensity is as vibrant as their face and body paint and believe me when I say that Slaughter Horse are a band that once seen, you will never forget!


Next to take to the stage were Mordrake and not having seen these guys play live before, this was a set that I was greatly looking forward to – especially after reading the reviews of their performance at this years Bloodstock. Tonight’s set from Mordrake saw them harness the weight of their dark and impressive sound much to the approval of the Slade Rooms audience and myself. The band have a few more dates in their diary over the forthcoming months and I would highly recommend you make a point of catching them live if you can.


There are some bands whose attention to detail is dam near close enough to a theatrical experience and our next band of the night, Haerken, are masters at this very kind of adventure. With the stage set to herald their arrival, it almost felt like we were witnessing a triumphant return from battle and as for the set itself, that was definitely a fearsome siege that very few could match.


There aren’t too many bands whose presence has stood the test of centuries but Haerken are certainly one who have, and long may they reign as this is metal at it’s very greatest!


Tonight’s line up so far has been a pretty visual one so it was a bit of a shock to the system to see our headlining band King Goat perform in relative darkness. Albeit a bit of a disappointment from a photographic point of view, the atmosphere this creates gets the other senses working in overdrive as the quality and detail of their songs reined very clear and the vocal tones of Trim are really quite something to behold. I didn’t expect this kind of aura to hold my attention but the mastery of King Goat was nothing short of mesmerising and delivered an experience that I would happily repeat.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.