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Papa Roach

Rock City Nottingham 18th March 2015.

A quick little review of a lesser known band, Papa Roach (I jest) when they played Rock City the other week. Apologies as it’s taken me a while to get around to this, what with the sheer volume of gigs I’ve attended recently, it must nearly be festival season, can’t you tell?

The headliners had two bands supporting them tonight and sadly we missed The One Hundred who were on first, so apologies to them. We did get to see Coldrain though, which I was pleased about especially after tonight’s performance, as these guys, all the way from Japan are mental! Personally, I can’t think of a better band to warm up a crowd, what with their heavy, energetic metal. Speaking of energetic, these guys are like Ricky Hatton on speed, so I’m guessing it helps that their music isn’t all that technical as it enables them to run around and band their heads (A LOT) their riffs are basic, but do the job. Tonight’s lighting wasn’t good for these guys, which is a real shame as I doubt I’ll get to see them again in the UK any time soon, or will I…?

Masato - Coldrain

It seems Coldrain are regular festival goers, what with playing Download last year and this year they’ve already played the massive Soundwave Festival in Australia, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are here again very soon! I know Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter has championed their new single ‘Evolve, and with such high profile support like Radio 1, major success should be immediate right? Still, it remains to be seen if they are bigger than their country (wo)man Babymetal though, but I can assure you their music is much better and the crowd tonight certainly enjoyed these guys! Their new album ‘Welcome To The Revelation’ is now available to preorder, just follow the link  here. The band consists of the following; Singing & Screaming – Masato, Lead Guitars – Y.K.C, Rhythm Guitars & Vocals – Sugi, Bass & Vocals – RxYxO, Drums – Katsuma

Sugi - Coldrain

With a short change over, it was the turn of the now legendary band Papa Roach. These guys are somewhat like marmite, you ever love them or hate them, personally I love the older stuff, that said this new album F.E.A.R has really grabbed mine and many others attention.

Jacoby Shaddix - Papa Roach

The band have been branded a bit of a teen band, but if you consider they exploded onto the music scene around 94, that was when I was a teen, so these guys have featured throughout half the time I’ve been alive and with tracks like ‘Last Resort’, ‘Between Angels And Insects’, ‘Broken Home’ and ‘Scars’ which are my personal favourites, it’s easy to see why these guys have stood the test of time and are still adored by many. In my opinion the album ‘Infest’ is a classic and still features in many of my playlists, as it helps to remind me of my days at university, trust me, I need all the memories I can get when it comes to that period in my life! So I can safely say I jumped at the chance to see these guys play live again, and to be given the chance to photograph them was a little bit special! I’m pretty gutted I missed the London show though, as they performed the album Infest’ in its entirety, you lucky lot!

Jerry Horton - Papa Roach

Tonight was the loudest I’ve heard a crowd at a Rock City gig – it was deafening, especial during the tracks I’ve previously mentioned. OK, it wasn’t so loud during the newer tracks that were played tonight, but the die hard faithful still knew the words and made as much noise as those that were probably hearing these new tracks for the first time.

Tobin Esperance - Papa Roach

I think I’m safe in saying Jacoby Shaddix is still a great front man, still very energetic and still a little bit cheeky, especially with a water bottle, I had to run for cover at one point as he was using it to squirt the crowd (and me) Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, Tony Palermo were also on top form tonight also.

Papa Roach

Having released not one, but four singles from their new album ‘F.E.A.R’, it speaks volumes to me that this album is very popular and is selling very well and in all honesty, I’m loving most of the album as it’s loud and it’s heavy with some very catchy tunes and great lyrical content. When you consider these guys are still producing music of this quality, some twenty one years since they started out, there ain’t many artists that can say that – long live Papa Roach!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)