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Veil Of Delusions

Scruffy Murphy’s Birmingham 23rd September 2016.

There has been quite a growing momentum of excitement around tonight’s event at Scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham, as it heralds the much anticipated arrival of Veil Of Delusions all the way from Oss in The Netherlands, with the intention of delivering their debut performance on West Midlands shores.

And talking of first time experiences tonight’s visit to Scruffy’s was a first for me aswell and what a cracking little venue it is, as it’s cellar bar just oozes the kind of character that befits this genre of music so well and just added to the quality of this evenings experience.

With three other female fronted bands also included in tonight’s line up, our first band to take to the stage were Secrets Of Mariana and having had the great pleasure of seeing this band on a couple of occasions previously, a first class performance really was a done deal. The vocals of Amy Wyatt were as consistently vibrant tonight as the colour of her hair and it really was easy to see why the popularity of this band is growing as it is. If you’ve not caught up with Secrets Of Mariana then I highly recommend you do, first chance you get!


Our next band of the night were Winter’s Edge, who hail from the Chichester area and have a very healthy reputation when it comes to writing and performing songs that combine melodic metal with a progressive touch. The band have had some down time this year due to changes in their line up and tonight’s gig brought about the first live unveiling of their new and refreshed line up which now includes Charley Jones on main vocals and Edd Anderson on drums. Their set tonight delved deep into this genre and created quite an impression on tonight’s audience, so all in all, I would say that the future is looking bright for Winter’s Edge.


With Occoeur being our penultimate band of the night, it was once again an absolute pleasure to witness the talent of yet another charismatic songstress in the form of Alexandra Slawinski, whose vocal ability and sheer on stage energy certainly packs a mighty punch. Their set list tonight included three tracks from their recent EP ‘Two’ and I have to say that ‘Footsteps‘, ‘The Further’ and ‘Adrenaline’ scored a direct hit with me and confirmed that Occoeur are definitely another band to watch out for.


And so we come to our headlining band of the night, Veil Of Delusions who consist of Zoe Tilly (lead vocals), Martin Vos (guitar and backing vocals), Xander ten Boden (guitar), Jeffrey Wennekes (bass) and Rob Reijs (drums). Veil of Delusions have been writing and performing together since 2010 but last years induction of Zoe to the band, brought them smack bang up to current speed and enabled the band to truly capture the art of symphonic melodic metal with a passion so raw that it is bliss to the ear of the beholder.


September has been an important month in 2016 for the band as not only did it bring about tonight’s UK date, which was the first of two specially co-ordinated events but it also heralded the release of the bands brand new album ‘Echoes Of Dawn’ which hit the ground raging last week and tonight’s set from the band was a prime example of the force within it’s very own nature.


Tonight’s set from the band was an atmospheric deliverance of metal most mythical which easily served to satisfy the anticipation of those in attendance, with a wealth of tracks from ‘Echoes Of Dawn’ being included in tonight‘s performance.


I’m hoping that next year will see Veil Of Delusions back in the UK again and hopefully that will include another gig or two in the West Midlands, so eyes and ears will be kept wide open for more news on that!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.